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How to get Consumers Engaged with Your Product

October 2015

Go to the supermarket and stand in the chips section. How many different brands and flavours do you see? How do you determine which one are you going to get? Flavour? Brand? Price? Or did you see it advertised on TV?

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Why Brand Activation is Imperative to Your Marketing Activity

September 2015

Research and development for creating a product can take up a lot of time and resources. Not only time, but also labour and supplies as well. Some R&D can take up to 40 years, especially if you are in the biotechnological industry, highlighting the amount of effort and assets invested into the product. It is then so important for marketing managers to ensure that when the product is ready to be brought to market, the product is activated. Many times, companies will just place the product onto the shelves of supermarkets without any activation in place. What. A. Waste.

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Consistent Branding

September 2015

Engage at Disegno is your turnkey field marketing and brand activation solution. We thoroughly research you and your company to fully understand the values and culture you standby. We also proactively create experiences which increases brand awareness and understanding, educating individuals and customers to the new ideas and launches. We immerse ourselves into your brand’s culture and vibe, striving to fully understand your expectations and what the expected results from the experience. We also are very passionate in delivering memorable and cutting edge brand experiences and live marketing for new product launches. We strive to ensure that we fully understand the core background knowledge of the company or brand and ensure that the activation experience inline with the brand’s values.

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The Top 5 reasons why you should invest in Field Marketing

August 2015

1. Return-On-Investment

Three little words with one big meaning. The primary focus of any Marketing activity is to increase sales and maximize your Return-On-Investment (ROI). It’s a proven fact that Field Marketing shows an exceptionally high ROI as opposed to other marketing activities, creating traction that’s tangible.

2. Take control of your Brand

Field Marketing places you on the ground where all the excitement is happening. You become the ‘eyes and ears’ of your brand, face-to-face with your target market. By taking control of your brand and being on the “field” you gain first hand vital insight into the thoughts and perceptions of your core audience. The more insight, the better control you have of your brand.

3. Face to a Brand

To be more than just a logo – isn’t this the goal of every Brand Marketing Manager? Taking your brand to the “field” gives your brand personality, building long-lasting relationships with customers as they feel more connected to your brand.

4. Brand awareness

In a busy and overcrowded market place, Field Marketing allows you to make your brand stand out and engage with the people who matter. What’s the good in having an amazing new product that will just get lost on shelves amongst your top competitors? Field Marketing and Brand Activation's improves your brand visibility by placing your product directly into the hands of your target market.

5. Create customer loyalty

Customers are more likely to purchase products they are familiar with and have a relationship with. To build brand awareness and loyalty you need to place your brand in the forefront of your customers mind. 

How To Get Your Product Noticed

August 2015

In a noisy and busy world where the average person is exposed to as many as 5000 marketing messages a day it can be an extremely difficult task to cut through the clutter and get your product noticed, especially considering we don’t process or even notice we are being exposed to most of these visual attacks a day. (CBS News, Cutting Through Advertising Clutter) These marketing messages range from logos on clothing, packaging, TV and radio advertisements, billboards, buses, buildings, social media campaigns, the list goes on! Here are three ways you can get your product noticed in both the digital and real world.

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Welcome to Hollywood, Mr Hitchcock

April 2015

With enough birds to fill an aviary, we took your average art exhibition and transform it into a Hitchcock-inspired 360 brand experience for BAFTA award winning artist Pat Gavin. Capturing the audiences’ attention with surprises at every turn, complete with psycho shower scene and take away shower drain meringues complete with raspberry coulis blood splatter.

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Get more shebang for your buck at ‘The Beach Club’

April 2015

We’ve pulled out all stops for a positively contagious and minty-fresh vibe for this EOY concept, The Beach Club. You and your guests will get your festive groove on and feel a million miles away from everyday life at The Beach Club. Enter via the boardwalk flanked by ginormous yellow and white beach ball and rubber ducky. Unwind from a long year and celebrate with a refreshing summer spritzer drinks and connect with other guests in The Beach Club Cafe. Recline under shady palms and take in a game of volley ball complete with overzealous umpire poking fun at guests. Snack on crab cakes and mini gourmet pizzas at the dinning pavilion under our blue sky marquee. Imagine a Hollywood beach retreat complete with deck side DJ all in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD.

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Wedding Expo for Top Dog Entertainment

February 2015

At the One Fine Day Wedding Expo there are many similar brands competing to win consumers business. How were we going to help Top Dog Entertainment cut through and connect in a saturated market? Answer: With a head-turning stand we created a brand activation with maximum impact, while a whole lot of confirmed bookings made the event a sure-fire return on investment. The brief was simple: Generate brand awareness by effective design, planning and activation of the Top Dog Entertainment site at the One Fine Day Wedding Expo. We were required to research and develop a brand activation that successfully showcased Top Dog’s entertainment services and cement them as the go-to entertainment option for weddings.

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January 2015

10 months in the making, 1 custom made black & white stripe marquee, 100 suspended beach balls , 800 cable ties, 200 butterflies, 3 over size toadstools, 2 giant flowers, a huge cheshire cat, metres of black & white check flooring, 1 mad hatter, 10 mad staff (haha we were by the end), 9 amazing events, over 4000 people, WONDERLAND.

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Talking XMAS parties with The Age

December 2014

With this years’ festive season in full swing, yesterday we talked all things XMAS with The Age. Our WONDERLAND concept will be featured soon - keep an eye out! (You won’t be able to miss the bright colours).

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