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Local Council & Government Activations

Audience, content and objectives for local council & government activations range widely. We have the experience to bring the complete range of activations to life.

What we do.

Community is more than just the local audience that interacts with your brand. Community encompasses everyone that contributes to the environment in which your brand exists: suppliers, retailers, shoppers, media, investors, advocacy groups and the public. Whatever your target audience, we can custom design and professionally execute community engagement events that build relationships and create awareness sensitively, sustainably and with integrity.

For you.

We also have significant experience working with government, councils and the private sector on a range of formats and projects, so we understand the challenges and how to overcome them to create maximum positive impact. Connecting with your community is as important as it has ever been – let ENGAGE help you connect with your community.

We can help with.

  • Campaign Launches
  • Outdoor/Public Space Activations
  • Asset or Building Launches
  • VIP, Business and Key Stakeholder Events
  • Community Engagement Strategy & Events
  • Education, Health, Environment, Sustainability, Family Content Focus
  • Intergrated PR Services
  • Activations that address a Challenge or a Community Issue
  • Regular Project WIPs and Updates
  • Comprehensive Post-Campaign Reporting

What they said.

Community Engagement Projects