We Build Relationships Between Brands & Audiences

At ENGAGE we create experiences that build relationships between brands and audiences. We understand the value of brand activation and we know that if you’re going to invest in an activation or event for your brand, it must be done exceptionally well. Not only is the opportunity to make a statement and create lasting engagement too good to risk on a mediocre execution, events and activations define the personality of your brand, potentially to new audiences and investors, and play a critical role in supporting marketing campaigns and reaching objectives. 

At ENGAGE we know this better than anyone. 

We use words like effective, premium and community every day to describe the work we do for our corporate, government, commercial, public, FMCG and service sector clients. We apply innovative and results-focussed thinking to every product launch, experiential campaign, corporate event or sponsorship activation we do. We’re passionate about partnering with our clients to design and execute the best experiences possible and create traction that is truly tangible. Because without traction, the lights and camera mean nothing.

Below we’ve summarised our philosophy and experience in our most popular categories. Every project is different however, so we would love to have a conversation with you about how we can work together to reach your audience and objectives.

Brand Activation

Activating your brand is essential to developing its personality and creating space for it in the life of your audience. To do that you need brand activation events that speak directly to the key attributes of your product or service. This is where we can help. We create lasting engagement via memorable experiences and opportunities that inspire your audience to act. Because an activation without action – measurable action – is a poor investment. 

Whether you’re in FMCG, launching a new product or developing an established product, we can design an activation that creates a genuine connection between your brand and your audience. We can integrate your existing marketing campaign elements and activate at a time or in a location complementary to your product or service. We are also able to develop activations that drive reach across multiple and bespoke KPIs, in addition to database growth, digital/social interaction and quality PR reach. Let’s talk activations!

Experiential Marketing

Are you looking to capture interest? Not only from your audience, but media and influencers? Do you have a great idea that you just can’t piece together and bring to life? At ENGAGE we have the experience and contacts to build unique, innovative brand moments, developed from scratch by our creative team or by working with your concept, or a combination of both. Either way, it’s about more than just being quirky or different – you must be immersive, effective and capture the imagination. To this end, we can also provide national PR services so that once we’ve made the statement, we can create maximum exposure for your brand or message. Experiential marketing is a powerful tool with growing potential and popularity – let’s work together on making it work for you. 

Property and Commercial

Activation within the property and commercial space is one of our passions and an area we know a lot about. We understand the key motivations and the measures of success. If you’re in property and looking to do a sod turning, media or investor event, or to engage with the local community, then ENGAGE is the place for you. We can also design and execute foyer activations and events in shared or urban spaces. If you’re a commercial asset owner or manager and are about to launch a centre or precinct, activate school holidays or vacant leases, we can custom design a solution that will meet your key objectives. We also understand the unique challenges behind different categories and working across multiple stakeholders, timelines and agencies. At ENGAGE we see every project as an opportunity to create something exceptional, so we look forward to working with you on your next project. 

Event Design and Production

When it’s all said and done, we’re just very good at running events: corporate, public, private or community. We can develop event concepts based on your audience, message, season or celebration and then manage the project from end-to-end, including styling, staffing, catering, logistics, AV, talent and communications. We can source a venue or work within your space. We can design that ‘wow’ moment and develop strategies to ensure that moment is shared and retained to influence change or purchase decision. We are committed to creating amazing event experiences and delivering seamless end-to-end event management, so let us know how we can partner with you on your next project. 

Community Engagement Events

Community is more than just the local audience that interacts with your brand. Community encompasses everyone that contributes to the environment in which your brand exists: suppliers, retailers, shoppers, media, investors, advocacy groups and the public. Whatever your target audience, we can custom design and professionally execute community engagement events that build relationships and create awareness sensitively, sustainably and with integrity. We also have significant experience working with government, councils and the private sector on a range of formats and projects, so we understand the challenges and how to overcome them to create maximum positive impact. Connecting with your community is as important as it has ever been – let ENGAGE help you connect with your community.

Sponsorship Activations

Most sponsorship contracts include an activation entitlement, which more-often-than-not is overlooked or activated with little or no measurable return. At ENGAGE we think there is huge potential in your brand activating its sponsorships, so we’d like to help you identify the opportunities, promote the partnership, potentially work with other sponsors, execute with impact and review to uncover new opportunities; all with a genuine consideration for your cost-per-engagement and effectiveness. We also have the experience and know-how to manage staffing, permits, staging, signage, OH&S and council requirements. Don’t waste a great opportunity to leverage your sponsorships – let’s talk about how we can create impact today. 

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