Doin’ It For The Kids

Shopping Centre Activation that nurtures the brains and bodies, empathy for cultures and communities and appreciation of environmental…

Daffodil Day

The second year in a row we had been given the honour of activating this iconic community engagement event Daffodil Day for Cancer Council.

How to stay ahead of the ‘evolving Shopping Centre’ game with Shopping Centre activations

Shopping Centres are evolving into destinations for social interaction and community engagement. We have stayed ahead with a series of…

How We Put The ‘Brand’ In Brand Activations

Brand activations come in all shapes and sizes, it’s about creating and executing the right campaign, while balancing the delivery, message…

Why We’d Rather Fill Life With Experiences, Not Things!

How we merged a property development event with a community engagement event to create an experiential hybrid event that ticks all the…

How to achieve an engaging community event!

It sounds simple, (and the fundamentals are) but how else would you engage the community unless you get the whole community involved!??

Building and Maintaining Client Relationships – The Circle of “Event” Life

At ENGAGE, every event that comes our way, no matter how big or small is welcomed with the same level of enthusiasm and profession.

My Introduction to Brand Activation Events

Knowing the description of Brand Activation Events and being immersed in it are two very different things, get out from behind your…

How to Style a Melbourne Cup Event

Check out the latest Event Birdie blog for our top tips regarding styling for the Spring Racing Carnival!

How The Consumer Has Become The Copywriter In Experiential Marketing

Continuing to explore the ways consumers create brands through viral and Experiential Marketing

“Stop! Collaborate and listen.” Experiential Marketing’s back with a brand new addition.

How the consumer has become the copywriter as brands embark on Experiential Marketing.

How You Can Measure Up In Experiential Marketing

We look at some tips and tools to ensure your Experiential Marketing campaign adds up in ROI terms.

How To Reach Socially (Dys)Functional Consumers Via Experiential Marketing

The proliferation of social media has big consequences for Experiential Marketing.

How To Brew Up A Sporty Storm In Experiential Marketing

Why it pays to be socially adept if you want to make your brand successful.

Giant Leaps For Brand-Kind In Experiential Marketing

More sound barrier-breaking examples of brilliant Experiential Marketing activations.

The Psychology Of Experiential Marketing And Why It Works

Why 360 degree product immersion is rapidly becoming the norm for brands.