3-2-1 and We Have Launch Off : FMCG Goes Experiential

If you’re in the Fast-Moving Consumer Goods industry (FMCG), you may find it difficult to play catch up, keep up with trends or create your own brand identity without a proper communications plan. When it comes to implementing a marketing strategy, you need to consider one that works best for you as these decisions are crucial and can make or break your business.

Simply put, when it comes to making lasting brand impressions, creating memorable moments and getting consumers on board, the trick is to build relationships between your brand and your consumers.

Whether you are a new FMCG or a well-established one, you search for opportunities to make your presence known. One exciting aspect of experiential marketing is that not only will your consumers hear and see you but also experience and feel your brand.

The path to creating success for your retail brand, especially in the FMCG industry, begins with crafting a personalised marketing plan, one that will speak your brand and be able to communicate to the right type of audience.

To gain maximum impact, you often need to step out of your comfort zone. An experiential marketing plan is similar to a rocket launch. Done right, the forces will be able to lift, power and launch your business to where it needs to be. And just like that: you will have lift off.

Having Lift off Means Not Getting Left Behind

Experiential marketing is all about trying something new. The era of traditional marketing where consumers are only on the receiving end of a brand’s message is coming to an end, with a move to fully engage with customers and offer a window to the brand’s personality and value proposition.

Experiential marketing aids in finding the best possible solution for a brand to communicate their message. It might be through brand activations, pop-up events, one-off installations, live events, product launches or even a series of activities incorporated in one large event.

This allows for innovation and creativity and offers an opportunity to incorporate consumers in the campaign from beginning to end. Doesn’t it make sense to include the community in the conversation with your brand?

Experiential Marketing is Like a Rocket’s Engine Firing off

FMCG brands require a sparkling personality in order to stand out and only the most extraverted ones will truly succeed in the industry.

Also, just like us, brands have a compelling story to tell. This is what makes a brand relatable enough for a community to emotionally attach themselves to it. They may feel that the brand is speaking and reaching out to them. They may also feel like they can identify with the brand and want to make a genuine connection.

An imaginative campaign can generate word of mouth, entice new consumers to choose the brand but also maintain the loyal ones.

Sometimes Launches Are Colourful, Courageous and Require Creative Problem Solving

Lifesavers – Leading by Example

The key to having a successful brand activation or live event requires you to be faithful to the brand values. That doesn’t mean you can’t plan anything bold, playful and colourful. What makes experiential marketing so clever and imaginative is that it can cater to any brands’ specific needs.

We are proud and honoured to have the Lifesavers brand on board with ENGAGE At Disegno. We are thrilled and excited to announce that the well-known brand, loved equally by children and adults for over a century, has decided to go experiential. The Life Saver’s brand activation will take place on February 2, 2020 on Bondi Beach – a fitting location.

The campaign planned for the brand truly reflects its youthful and energetic personality. The community of Bondi and the people of Sydney will truly appreciate what is in store for them, with surprise and delight across the day’s activities.

Life Savers are proof that even well-established and high-profile brands sometimes need that little experiential rocket boost to launch them into the 21st century. Life Savers will now lead by example and show other brands that it is never too late to go experiential.