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Experiential Marketing

Activation is all about making an impact, and not always with force. Experiential marketing drives change and advocacy through pure, immersive experience. 100% authentic.

What we do.

Are you looking to capture interest? Not only from your audience, but media and influencers? Do you have a great idea that you just can’t piece together and bring to life? At ENGAGE we have the experience and contacts to build unique, innovative brand moments, developed from scratch by our creative team or by working with your concept, or a combination of both.

For you.

It’s about more than just being quirky or different – you must be immersive, effective and capture the imagination. To this end, we can also provide national PR services so that once we’ve made the statement, we can create maximum exposure for your brand or message. Experiential marketing is a powerful tool with growing potential and popularity – let’s work together on making it work for you.

We can help with.

  • Themed Events and Activations
  • Focus on Touchpoint Integration and Alignment
  • Pre and Post Event Contact
  • Digital, Social, AR and VR Content
  • Live/Living Performances
  • User Generated Content Integration
  • Influencer and Media Integration

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I remember, involve me and I learn“
– Benjamin Franklin

Experiential Marketing Projects