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Meeting KPIs through Retail and Community Integration: How Activations hit the mark

March 2020

Good design is everywhere- from websites and graffiti walls to architecture and sculptures - But had you thought about good design being found in a Shopping Centre?

Shopping Centres hold events, launch products, sponsor activities and are an ideal location for activations. And here is where the good design comes in. Shopping Centre activations can include many elements of design such as visual and audio prompts, media walls, sensory experiences and art installations that will attract and engage an audience well beyond their daily shop.

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How to Gain a Competitive Edge with Staff Activations?

March 2020

Staff activations suit all organisations and industries, regardless of size or location. They also hold a set of key performance indicators that make specific variables such as employee sentiment easy to track and measure. This is particularly useful when evaluating the areas that require improvement. This is why smarter brands continuously work on forming their team members to increase knowledge, developing skills and by encouraging and supporting staff members along the way. It’s also quite evident that a well-supported team leads to a better performing team.

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Celebrating Achievements Through End-Of-Year Events

February 2020

Statistically speaking, corporate businesses start planning their End-Of-Year (EOY) event between 6 to 12 months in advance. The best venues, locations and entertainment always get booked out first. Planning a successful EOY event adds many benefits to businesses… but did you ever think it could lead to boosting your company’s productivity?

Here’s a great article featuring our Director TJ Carroll that appeared in Inside Small Business.

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ENGAGE comes out on Top as a Finalist for the “Oscars of Small Business Awards”

February 2020

It’s just been announced, Melbourne’s Brand Activation Agency and Event Specialist ENGAGE has been selected as a Small Business Champion Awards 2020 Finalist for the category “Marketing Services”. This year’s award submission saw over 3,000 entrees from over 30 different categories in areas such as environmental business, financial services and transport and logistics.

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3-2-1 and We Have Launch Off : FMCG Goes Experiential

November 2019

If you’re in the Fast-Moving Consumer Goods industry (FMCG), you may find it difficult to play catch up, keep up with trends or create your own brand identity without a proper communications plan. When it comes to implementing a marketing strategy, you need to consider one that works best for you as these decisions are crucial and can make or break your business.

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Yarra Valley Water Community Activation - Testing the Waters

August 2019

Yarra Valley Water (YVW) has made a huge, impressive organisational commitment to help 150,000 vulnerable customers between July 2018 and July 2024. They were looking to raise awareness of the support they have available so that when people are experiencing financial vulnerability, they can connect with and access the appropriate programs.

This was their first foray into the world of activations to connect with their customers, and they were so excited and motivated to be able to proactively promote YVW to customers in a community setting. They wanted to highlight their WaterCare program which provides support, pathways and services to help customers manage their bills. In addition, they wanted to highlight water-saving initiatives and provide a giveaway of products that can work towards this. The team had already booked 3 weeks of activation space across 3 different Shopping Centres in Melbourne for the campaign, and we also had a tight timeframe to develop the activation to suit.

Their enthusiasm was contagious. With their objectives driving the concept development, we set out to create a welcoming oasis for customers to feel comfortable and at ease, allowing conversation to flow and questions answered for those who may be eligible for WaterCare concessions. Experience tells us that customers' interest needs to be piqued by the activation in order to get their attention, so the look and feel of the design was integral to the success of the campaign.


The latest research into consumer behaviour indicates that an audience feels warm and fuzzy whenever they get a chance to share their thoughts, opinions, generally connect with another human being. We like feeling as though people are listening to us. With this in mind, we created a lush, green space that established a sense of calm and tranquillity, with high bar tables and chair settings casting a more casual tone to encourage customers to feel confident in approaching and discussing their water bill with YVW Brand Ambassadors.

Oversized signage told the story of YVW and their commitment to providing help to those who are experiencing financial vulnerability, and educating on how they can connect and access these programs.

Then we had the surprise and delight moment - three boldly branded vending machines not only provided a fun way to display the water saving items on offer , they also grabbed the attention when trying to engage passing shoppers.

To ensure the kids were included and parents had a moment to speak to a YVW Brand Ambassador, a fun activity was developed that highlighted water conservation. Kids were invited to decorate their very own rinse cups, with instructions on how to use these at home when brushing their teeth. It was an easy and accessible way for children to understand how they can make a small difference every day by not running the tap when they brush.


The overwhelming feedback from customers, including retailers and Centre Management was that the activation was welcoming, bright and engaging. With over 500 meaningful interactions, the activation gave YVW a public face and provided an opportunity for customers to not only engage in a fun, relaxed setting, but receive education and information that might have previously not been considered easy to access or of priority. Over 1000 giveaways were handed out across the 3 weeks of the campaign, with education provided around their use and how they can contribute to water conservation in the home. 

7 Little Changes That’ll Make a Big Difference with your Community Engagement

September 2018

How exciting is it when you see your audience really engaging with your property or Shopping Centre activation? Imagine being able to create that level of excitement and engagement at every activation – what a perfect world that would be!

We understand how important community engagement is when it comes to achieving your property or Shopping Centre goals. Community engagement is after all the strongest indicator of your audience’s feelings about your brand and of course, we all want them to feel great about your brand.

This is why we have drawn on our years of experience to give you our top insights and tips to get your audience excited, engaged and make the most of your next activation campaign.

Let’s get started!

1. Partner with a local charity

There are no doubts that your Centre, property or business is making valuable contributions to your local community. A great way to amplify your contribution is to partner with a local charity. We recommend teaming up with an organisation that is actively making a positive difference in a way that directly impacts your local community.

2. Connect with a local school, community group or sporting team

This is a great way to show your audience that you care about what matters to them and you are in touch with the community to which your organisation belongs. Bringing a local school, community group or sporting team into your activation and making them a part of it in a unique and creative way will result in greater engagement through their active community.

Waste Warriors














3. Connect with a local artist

Who is creating a buzz in your local area? Is there a local artist, performer or photographer that hails from the area where your Centre or property is located? This is a great opportunity to use your space to showcase their work and talent. Supporting your local community is key to gaining greater engagement, this will also encourage new and repeat visitation and longer dwell times. An activation showcasing their work and your space is the perfect combination for community engagement.

Community Engagement

4. Engage local influencers

Have you just had a recent renovation or had a new retailer open up? There is no better time to undertake an activation and no better way to increase community engagement than to engage with local influencers. They already have an established audience that is immersed in their content and this is an opportunity to have them immersed in yours.

5. Tie your brand to stories that resonate

Your activation doesn’t always need to be directly related to your brand, often the best activations are those that are a little left of centre. Those that create a story that resonates, yet is cleverly tied to your brand is a great recipe for creating an impactful activation that leads to a whole new level of community engagement. For example, there could be an organisation seeking to raise awareness of their cause, providing your space for their activation ties their story to your brand, resulting in new visitors, greater exposure and engagement with your centre or property.

Brand story


6. Promote Social Good

With the social media take over, we live in a time where awareness and emphasis on social good is paramount. People want to feel like they are a part of this movement and this tip will have an incredible impact on your community engagement. Imagine your property filled with adorable guide dog puppies or an educational and fun school holiday activation that has kids making puppets using all recycled and reusable materials. An activation centred around social good ticks all the boxes for creating successful community engagement!

7. Make it last

How amazing is it when you create an activation that continues to generate an impact long after the physical activation is finished? This is exactly what you can do when you incorporate a digital online component into your brand activation. This elevates your community engagement and carries it over to your online presence. Introducing an online component allows the community engagement that was generated at the activation to continue to be amplified, creating longevity and keeping your brand top of mind long after your successful activation is completed.



We are passionate about community engagement and see it is a vital ingredient to ensuring your activation goals are exceeded. We would love to hear how these tips work for you.

The Future is Now

September 2018

Have you seen Minority Report? No, me neither! All I know is that it’s all about futuristic stuff and looked too cool to be real. Check out the trailer!

Well, the good news is that the technology is already available and could be the WOW factor for your next brand activation campaign.

Whilst we are not as geek as it seems we are all about new technology and are in love with the endless possibilities it brings to the activation space. And let’s be real it is pretty fun too!

From mixed reality to brainwave neurosensing (I know right?!) and everything in between, we are always exploring and seeking ways to integrate new technology into the brand experience to maximise community engagement.

Let us expand a little on some of our favourite new technologies that we are excited to get creative with.

One of our favourites is gesture recognition. Imagine giving your audience the power to interact with your activation at the swipe of their hand and discover a new renovation while it is still in the making or create their own virtual journey through your property. I know I would like to engage with something that cool and this is just a few of the many possibilities!



Looking for a creative way for your retailers to do a giveaway? Then look no further than the digital vending machine – we love these! Perfect for launching a new product, these digital vending machines create an interactive experience where your audience can receive the giveaway through facial recognition. Check out the example below to see how clever this is and how it works. It will blow your mind!



Our clients are particularly loving the addition of augmented reality (AR) into their brand activation and community engagement events and so are we!

Augmented reality elevated our client, Fostering Connections, campaign to a new level of engagement when we used AR in a playful way during Foster Care week. The lobby of 530 Collins Street was abuzz with beautiful graphics that played real-life stories from foster carers when people scanned the images with their phones, helping to break down the myths about becoming a foster parent.

AR is also amazing for gaining insights into your audience and measuring the success of your activation. In addition to being able to gauge key demographics of your audience, it provides an excellent opportunity for data collection.

This is just one of the many inspired and innovative ways new technology can create a greater impact in the world of activation. Leading to greater community engagement, longer dwell times and increased brand awareness that leaves a lasting impact.

We have touched on a few of the exciting technology options that can be personalised to achieve your desired outcomes, aid in gaining awareness, increased interaction and brand recognition as well as social amplification.

The possibilities are limitless and we are excited about the creative and strategic opportunities that exist through clever implementation with technology. We will never look at a screen, a vending machine, an iPad or space the same way again and we hope you won’t either. 

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