Meeting KPIs through Retail and Community Integration: How Activations hit the mark

Activations must provide results, especially in the Shopping Centre industry where consumer foot-traffic, dwell time and repeat visits are…

How to Gain a Competitive Edge with Staff Activations?

Brand activation can be used to increase employee engagement, boost productivity and promote training and cohesive messaging throughout all…

Sampling: Part of Well-Crafted Brand Activation Strategy

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Celebrating Achievements Through End-Of-Year Events

End-of-year events are a great way to celebrate company achievements throughout the year and celebrating milestones.

ENGAGE comes out on Top as a Finalist for the “Oscars of Small Business Awards”

Melbourne Brand Activation Agency and Event Specialist ENGAGE has been selected as a Small Business Champion Awards 2020 Finalist for the…

Driving Shopping Centre Foot Traffic: Local Communities at the Centre of the Mall

Foot traffic provides data to evaluate the strength of Shopping Centre Activation tactics, retailer integration and create ways to boost…

3-2-1 and We Have Launch Off : FMCG Goes Experiential

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Yarra Valley Water Community Activation – Testing the Waters

Brand Activation helped Yarra Valley Water (YVW) raise awareness for their commitment to help 150,000 vulnerable customers between July…

The Future is Now

Have you seen Minority Report? No, me neither! All I know is that it’s all about futuristic stuff and looked too cool to be real.

7 Little Changes That’ll Make a Big Difference with your Community Engagement

How exciting is it when you see your audience really engaging with your Property or Shopping Centre activation?

Hitting New Highs: A Display Village Launch

A property development activation reimagined, delivering 179 new sales leads and creating a new way to drive buyer interest.

Equiem: Product Launch

A bright and colourful example of on-site activation, the Equiem Product Launch in a Melbourne industrial park was designed to create…

Who Doesn’t Love Dogs: Creating Community Engagement

A foyer activation that drove database growth, kick-started a community campaign and strengthened ties between the asset and its tenants.

One of a Kind: Market City’s Custom-Built Maze

Shopping Centre Activation bringing families to Centre multiple times. We built an entirely custom and sustainable maze to attracted…

Kicking off the Year of the Dog!

I got to fulfil all my dreams all while ringing in the Lunar New Year! Working on a property activation at 120 Collins St with guide dogs.

Get the Most Out of Your Campaign…with PR!

​Our PR specialist, Alannah Waterman, enlightens us on why intergrating PR into your activation campaign makes good business sense.