Public Relations

Get the Most Out of Your Campaign...with PR!

​Our PR specialist, Alannah Waterman, enlightens us on why intergrating PR into your activation campaign makes good business sense.

Why is PR important to an activation campaign?

Planning and executing an event or activation isn’t an easy feat, so it’s important to amplify each activity to ensure a large audience is reached. The power of PR helps to tell the story, promote the activation and highlight key messages across a variety of platforms such as print, TV, radio and online.

Get the Most Out of Your Campaign…with PR!, ENGAGE

​Our PR specialist, Alannah Waterman.

What type of timeframes do you need to create valuable PR for a activation campaign?

Generally speaking, we require a minimum of 8 – 12 weeks (before the activation goes live) to plan a PR campaign. This ensures the PR strategy accurately reflects the activation’s objectives and uses relevant tactics to raise awareness. Whether it’s through influencers, social media or editorial, the more time we have to plan and implement, the better.

What has your experience of working with ENGAGE been so far?

I love ENGAGE’s holistic service offering. Their creative activations and events deliver commercial outcomes and real results so it’s refreshing to work with an agency that appreciates PR as being a key component of the overall process. Because ENGAGE offers an end-to-end service, PR is seamlessly integrated into each campaign which makes for an effective outcome every time.