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How to Gain a Competitive Edge with Staff Activations?

Staff activations suit all organisations and industries, regardless of size or location. They also hold a set of key performance indicators that make specific variables such as employee sentiment easy to track and measure. This is particularly useful when evaluating the areas that require improvement. This is why smarter brands continuously work on forming their team members to increase knowledge, developing skills and by encouraging and supporting staff members along the way. It’s also quite evident that a well-supported team leads to a better performing team.

Now, let’s imagine what a series of staff activations can do for business productivity?  This is how most brands have managed to get ahead of their competition.

“ENGAGE’s  staff activation fundamentals”

The first activation fundamental relies on the key messaging of the activation. If the message isn’t getting across to the audience, it’s probably an indication that there is either a problem with the way the message is being delivered or that there is a problem with the key message itself. Creating cohesive messaging is a crucial component to activations as it helps in establishing standards and forging harmonious communication across all scales of the business. This means that during an activation, all members from that company have received the same level of information, are up to do date with product knowledge and are on the same page.

Cohesive Messaging:  Simply Energy Staff Activation

Here’s a great example that proves the importance of key messaging. Our client’s Simply Energy asked us to deliver a high impact and meaningful campaign that would help in developing cohesive messaging that represented brand personality across three of its call centre locations: Melbourne, Wollongong and Durban, South Africa.

The six-week campaign involved key messages “Simply Exclusive” “Simply Loyal” Simply Rewarding” and “Simply Generous” to be displayed on posters and media walls throughout each centre. This helped employees to connect to the campaign and to keep them engaged throughout. It also got the staff prepared and trained on the up-coming messaging rolling out across radio, television and print.

How to Gain a Competitive Edge with Staff Activations?, ENGAGE

Simply Energy Staff Activation

The second fundamental is understanding the power of word of mouth marketing as this creates another communication channel between the audience and the brand.

This means that while holding an activation, businesses are actually investing in creating micro-influencers and brand ambassadors. These brand ambassadors are knowledgeable employees that have been trained, encouraged and celebrated. They can speak and represent the brand because they are educated and engaged.

“The message can only be as strong as the person’s delivery…”

Here’s an example of how The L’Oréal Town Hall Conference research ENGAGE Your Staff created a new generation of brand ambassadors through word-of-mouth marketing.

Word of mouth marketing: The L’Oréal Town Hall Conference Research ENGAGE Your Staff

L’Oréal Australia understood what was needed to get ahead of their competition. Following on from the success and positive feedback from the 2019 CPD Conference, L’Oreal requested from ENGAGE a staff activation programme that would elevate productivity, further educate staff on company products and services as well as boost morale for 2020.

The L’Oréal Town Hall Conference research ENGAGE Your Staff was one of the most recent activations. At the conference, the employees were invited to celebrate and revisit the past decade of products, services and company achievements. This inspired employees to not only look forward to the next decade, but it also had a positive impact on overall company productivity.

How to Gain a Competitive Edge with Staff Activations?, ENGAGE

The L’Oréal Town Hall Conference Research ENGAGE Your Staff

The staff received extensive product training during the interactive conference. The training increased the employees’ natural ability to communicate the L’Oréal brand to consumers and helped build their confidence to further promote and sell L’Oréal products and services in the near future. This will not only help the brand maintain a loyal customer base but will also help to convert new customers as well. The results from the conference helped the brand gain a competitive edge and resulted in L’Oréal Australia creating a new generation of brand ambassadors.

If micro-influencers and brand ambassadors have the power to attract and gain new customers, then shouldn’t all brands be investing in creating them?

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