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How To Brew Up A Sporty Storm In Experiential Marketing

August 2016

As we have seen in the last blog, the clever brands know that through the mass explosion of social media, messages are drowned. The amount of messaging on our screens is astounding – massive- overload - meaning it’s hard to truly impact and connect with potential consumers properly through digital. Your message has to SHOUT LOUDER than the hundreds of other messages flashing up on consumers’ screens.

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The Cream Of The Crop In Experiential Marketing

July 2016

So, as we know, there is a plethora of insanely amazing opportunity out there for Experiential Marketing activations. But beware! You must choose the right vehicle to propel your brand into the brand-osphere or you could ostracize your target audience before you’ve even lured them in. Not a good look.

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The Future’s So Bright in Experiential Marketing, You Gotta Wear a VR headset

July 2016

Remember that 80s band, Timbuk3, singing about the future being so bright, you gotta wear shades? Oh sorry, you’re too young. Well, this old bird remembers hip swaying to it in her puffball skirt and RayBans. In fact, the future’s bright enough to wear a Virtual Reality headset, not just sunnies. The Experiential Marketing world is mutating, forging ahead, ever-changing and becoming more sophisticated as time goes on. Consumers are no longer content with being offered some flimsy, unabsorbing experiences that don’t touch the sides and leave them empty and listless. It’s a Brand Eat Brand world out there. Time to get your arsenal in gear.

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Back The Winner For Melbourne Cup With Our Event Designer In The Saddle

June 2016

We all know that the Melbourne Cup Carnival’s allure is truly magnetic. The ‘race that stops a nation’ usually manages to stop a few other countries across the globe too with its equine allure. Those thundering hooves, the clink and fizz of bubbles in champagne flutes, not to mention the array of (sometimes hair-raisingly hideous) millinery found trackside is enough to set us all off. You might indeed need to have a quick tooth cleaning session after devouring all this greasy millinery fry up. And you definitely wouldn’t be squeezing into your streamlined racing dress either…

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Avoid Choosing Disastrous Locations With The Help Of An Event Designer

May 2016

The Event Designer: Your Own Personal Real Estate Agent (Without The Cheesy 80s Grin Or Smarmy Attitude). The ability to choose the perfect location for your launch, activation or party is something every Event Designer worth their salt should have inbuilt into their psyche. It’s one of those ‘goes without saying’ tools in their sparkly box (for want of a better word). The location or venue of your project creates the mood and sets the tone for your guests. This place will be where the magic of your brand is revealed and the experience of your brand imprinted on minds. So choose wisely.

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