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How We Put The ‘Brand’ In Brand Activations

October 2017

Not to toot our own (biased) horn, but as a brand events agency, here at ENGAGE we are known for our love of going above and beyond for our Brand Activations. We don’t believe in the ‘less is more’ rule, despite Coco Chanel advising us to “…look in the mirror and take one thing off.” We look at our floor plans and put one more thing on.

MORE is most definitely MORE!

More WOW leads to more ‘Ooohs and ahhs’ and more consumers talking about your brand.

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Why We’d Rather Fill Life With Experiences, Not Things!

October 2017

Like the clichéd Instagram quote “fill your life with experiences, not things”, being an experiential agency, we live by this motto and can see the results daily! Life is about experiences. It’s how we grow, interact and create memories. It’s what drives our passion and incidentally, drivers business. Despite the materialistic society we live in, “experiences, no matter how good or bad, holds a purpose.” And creating experiences is what the ENGAGE team thrive on!

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How to achieve an engaging community event!

September 2017

How do you create a successful community event if it doesn’t engage the community? Is it really a success for the community, if it doesn’t engage them? Here at ENGAGE, we believe the best community events engage the local community authentically and sensitively from the very initial stages. Like the noodles in a Laksa soup, the two combined is where the magic happens! The two needs to be together for an engaged community (or if we are still talking about Laska, a happy tummy!)

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Building and Maintaining Client Relationships – The Circle of “Event” Life

July 2017

At ENGAGE, every event that comes our way, no matter how big or small is welcomed with the same level of enthusiasm and professionalism. Just as you would if someone offered you a free family block of chocolate, as opposed to a fun-size block! (Yes, I did do a Forrest Gump and compare events to a box of chocolates.)

This enthusiasm and professionalism however, is key to building and maintaining long lasting relationships with clients (which sometimes presents challenges when you get given a two-week turnaround!) but none the less, this is the thrill of being a diverse event agency as “You never know what you’re gonna get!”

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My Introduction to Brand Activation Events

May 2017

Brand Activation Events are something I have familiarised myself with… in front of a computer screen. Knowing the description of Brand Activation Events and being immersed in it are two very different things.

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How The Consumer Has Become The Copywriter In Experiential Marketing

September 2016

So here we are again, discussing that most modern of Experiential Marketing trends: user-initiated content. This undeniable shift in advertising and marketing tactics is ever-evolving, but relies heavily (and more or less purely) on the ENGAGEment, momentum and subsequent action of the consumer. Presumptuous and precarious, but when executed properly, it’s a sure fire winner. Social is the key – in every iteration of the word: media, friendships, community, ego. Our desire to share what we’ve done with other people and to showcase who we are (or want to believe we are) to the world is what keeps this well-oiled machine just that – super slick and slippery.

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“Stop! Collaborate and listen. Experiential Marketing’s back with a brand new addition”.

August 2016

Forget a high budget shoot with Mario Testino at the Hanging Gardens Of Babylon.Brands are coming to realise that they need to look further than traditional channel like TV or outdoor if they want to engage their audience. Experiential Marketing can help as it’s now all about That Moment: creating instances of enjoyment for customers. Times they will share because they had the most amazing experience with your brand.

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How You Can Measure Up In Experiential Marketing

August 2016

ROI is usually a numerical value – as we all know. A maths-style equation that can be written up with chalk by some wild-hairedp rofessor in a brown polyester suit with horn rimmed spectacles because ROI equals the percentage of increased sales versus the amount of finances spent.

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