Creating Memorable Branding Experiences

Project Shine Activation

Northpoint is the retail precinct of Cromwell Property Group’s Northpoint Tower. Located on a prime corner block, there are two levels, with general retailers congregated on the ground floor, while the majority of the food retailers hold court on the second level. Building on the engagement success of the 13 Days of Christmas Campaign in December 2018, the retailers were looking Northpoint management to pro-actively promote the Centre as a way of stimulating foot traffic and sales into 2019.

The Brief

Northpoint requested the ideation, development and delivery of a Campaign that placed a focus on sustainability and giving back to the community. There were also looking to address the objectives around:

• Increasing foot traffic and average spend in-store (volume and share of wallet)

• Creating engagement through positive experiences

• Promoting retailers through campaign integration

The Execution

The team at ENGAGE are always looking for opportunities to create activations that recognise our place in the global community and offer ways to make a real difference through experiential marketing. Cromwell Property Group were onboard from the moment we pitched partnering with SolarBuddy to produce the Project Shine Campaign. The campaign invited Northpoint’s local business community to become agents for change in their lunchtime, by building a SolarBuddy solar light and writing a personalised letter to the recipient – shining a light on energy poverty and demonstrating how one small act of kindness can change the life of a child in our global community.

The gift of a SolarBuddy solar light helps children living in energy poverty to continue studying long after the sun goes down improving their education outcomes and overall health and wellbeing. Children also spend less time collecting firewood for cooking and heating and instead spend more time attending class, preparing for exams and completing homework assignments.

A custom designed and built installation took centre-stage for completed SolarBuddys to be placed on, with a daily “light-up to showcase how many lights had been completed each day.


ENGAGE worked with Northpoint retailers to produce a “Buddy”-themed promotion for shoppers across the campaign. We encouraged them to work around the concept of “Bring a Buddy” or a friend referral offer, where they both receive a reward for either referring a friend or being referred, which tied in neatly with the Project Shine SolarBuddy Campaign.

Event Produced by AliveEngage in association with Alive Events Agency.

The Result

It was an overwhelmingly positive response from all participants and passers-by of the Project Shine Campaign. The element of a socially-conscious activation was impactive with customers and allowed them to connect with the message of the Campaign whilst spending time in Centre. It was a great example of how you don’t need to rely on a giveaway to encourage engagement and data collection.

Northpoint was continually sited as a leader in the industry for hosting such an Activation in-Centre, establishing it as a brand that has a social conscience.

The whole Campaign branding was strong and cohesive, with striking signage that spoke directly to the Northpoint colour palette and story. The custom-designed and built installation was a talking point and feature of the activation, standing tall and bright across the week.

Retailers reported a “buzz” around the Centre that was uplifting and positive, which elevated the Campaign message and encouraged dwell time.