Property Activation

We are a brand experience agency that understands the property activation lifecycle.

From the Concept Phase, where developing a community engagement strategy is paramount; to the Launch Phase, where branding and media events take centre stage; to the Delivery Phase, which relies on agility and story generation; culminating in the moments around Completion, where high-profile media, industry and partner events must be professionally delivered.  

In all phases, we can assist you with strategy, ideation and execution. We have worked with some of the biggest brands in the country, such as Grocon, JLL and the Queensland Government, and we have an extensive bank of trusted suppliers that we use to create seamless events and campaigns.

At ENGAGE we understand the pressures of delivering premium events, often on live sites, incorporating a wide range of stakeholders and community partnerships.

Property activation is a niche area that requires creativity, experience, agility and sensitivity. We can become an integral part of your team, delivering activations across the entire lifespan of your project. 

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