Creating Memorable Branding Experiences

Polaris Community Activation

Located within a tight knit neighbourhood, Polaris 3083 is a Dealcorp development that is focused on understanding how it can improve the experience for the current community as well as identifying what it can do to attract new residents to the area. When Dealcorp approached ENGAGE to discuss activating the area, the team saw the perfect opportunity to incorporate ENGAGE in Conversation – our Community Engagement arm – to create a space for a conversation with the community with tailored questions that draw out meaningful responses around what they want to see happening at Polaris 3083.

The Brief

Create an activation that provides an opportunity to capture data from people in the area to inform and drive the future activation strategy for Polaris 3083.

The Execution


Colour and movement was the tone of the day, and even the poor Melbourne weather (rains and overcast) couldn’t deter involvement! We created a vibrant hub of activity and fun with a “Block Party” that invited the community to engage in a friendly competition to see who could ‘Shoot a Hoop” and Win a Burger from a participating retailer. The colour palette was striking with the overall Campaign creative signage drawing attention to the tone of the Activation.


The purpose of this element of the project was to engage with shoppers, visitors and residents of Polaris 3083 Town Centre to understand what events and programs they would enjoy. Place-based engagement was the chosen method of engagement, speaking with people as they went about their daily activities and use the centre. Our partners The Conversation Caravan were brought in to deliver this element, which ended up taking place inside due to the wet weather, however this ended up providing a sanctuary for people to spend time. A magical face-painter also provided an opportunity for parents and carers to chat with the team about their responses and thoughts around the following 4 questions:

Q1. What do you love doing with your friends and family?

Q2. What activities and programs would help you or your family learn something new?

Q3. What activities and programs would help you to connect more with your family?

Q4. What activities and programs will make visiting Polaris Town Centre more fun for you and/or your family?

The Result

Across the three hours Conversation Caravan (three staff members) spoke with approximately 120 people.  102 Coffee vouchers for participants in ENGAGE in Conversation and 100 Burger vouchers were distributed, which was quite a feat considering the weather and the stop/start nature of the outside Shoot A Hoop element. There was an overwhelmingly positive response from participants who thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

The participation in ENGAGE in Conversation produced a hugely valuable collection of data that provided great insight into what the residents of Polaris 3083 wanted to see more of in the space. This data was collated into a full Report that will provide a sound launching pad for future activation strategy in the area, responding directly to the community’s desires.