Creating Memorable Branding Experiences

International Donut Day

A creative, interactive, immersive and fun activation to enhance Community Engagement and drive portal database growth.

The Brief

We were approached Equiem to write a 12-month activation strategy to integrate with their building community portals. The key objectives of the brief were to drive portal interactions and database growth, create community engagement, strengthen ties and positive interaction between the asset and tenant. During the strategy research phase we identified for activations in corporate office buildings to be successful they need to offer a point of difference. International Donut Day was the point of difference 120 Collins Street wanted to share with their tenants.

The Execution

The International Donut Day Activation was tailored specifically for 120 Collins Street.

The strategy to engage existing registered portal tenants, as well as drive portal database growth, was to offer a limited number of free donuts to those who registered. This was advertised on signage during the prepromotion phase in the lobby, on the portal and through the customer service representatives at 120 Collins Street.

To establish community engagement we created a dedicated International Donut Day activation area. This eye catching and fun lobby installation included a donut station decorated with a colourful balloon garland, custom-made donut balloons of which were hand painted and decorated plus colourful and fun furniture.

Specialty donut artists in donut inspired uniforms were on hand decorating customised donuts from an array of delicious toppings which included decadent fondants, toppings and glazes.

Equiem staff were available to register tenants on the spot which further increased portal database growth and created conversation opportunities to strengthen ties and ensure positive interaction between the asset and tenants.

The Result

This unique, visually exciting and delicious activation set the record for the number of portal database sign-ups, as well as increasing portal engagement by double.

Positive interaction; happy and engaged tenants, the looks on their faces said it all as well as the comments and activity on the portal and social platforms.

eye-catching community engagement between tenants from varying companies brought together through this fun and delicious activation.

Positive tenant experience with the building asset and their service providers; Equiem and the concierge.

Its unique, fun and engaging activations like International Donut Day that position building assets favourably in the mind of tenants and create inertia to facilitate ongoing community engagement.