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Yarra Valley Water Community Activation - Testing the Waters

August 2019

Yarra Valley Water (YVW) has made a huge, impressive organisational commitment to help 150,000 vulnerable customers between July 2018 and July 2024. They were looking to raise awareness of the support they have available so that when people are experiencing financial vulnerability, they can connect with and access the appropriate programs.

This was their first foray into the world of activations to connect with their customers, and they were so excited and motivated to be able to proactively promote YVW to customers in a community setting. They wanted to highlight their WaterCare program which provides support, pathways and services to help customers manage their bills. In addition, they wanted to highlight water-saving initiatives and provide a giveaway of products that can work towards this. The team had already booked 3 weeks of activation space across 3 different Shopping Centres in Melbourne for the campaign, and we also had a tight timeframe to develop the activation to suit.

Their enthusiasm was contagious. With their objectives driving the concept development, we set out to create a welcoming oasis for customers to feel comfortable and at ease, allowing conversation to flow and questions answered for those who may be eligible for WaterCare concessions. Experience tells us that customers' interest needs to be piqued by the activation in order to get their attention, so the look and feel of the design was integral to the success of the campaign.


The latest research into consumer behaviour indicates that an audience feels warm and fuzzy whenever they get a chance to share their thoughts, opinions, generally connect with another human being. We like feeling as though people are listening to us. With this in mind, we created a lush, green space that established a sense of calm and tranquillity, with high bar tables and chair settings casting a more casual tone to encourage customers to feel confident in approaching and discussing their water bill with YVW Brand Ambassadors.

Oversized signage told the story of YVW and their commitment to providing help to those who are experiencing financial vulnerability, and educating on how they can connect and access these programs.

Then we had the surprise and delight moment - three boldly branded vending machines not only provided a fun way to display the water saving items on offer , they also grabbed the attention when trying to engage passing shoppers.

To ensure the kids were included and parents had a moment to speak to a YVW Brand Ambassador, a fun activity was developed that highlighted water conservation. Kids were invited to decorate their very own rinse cups, with instructions on how to use these at home when brushing their teeth. It was an easy and accessible way for children to understand how they can make a small difference every day by not running the tap when they brush.


The overwhelming feedback from customers, including retailers and Centre Management was that the activation was welcoming, bright and engaging. With over 500 meaningful interactions, the activation gave YVW a public face and provided an opportunity for customers to not only engage in a fun, relaxed setting, but receive education and information that might have previously not been considered easy to access or of priority. Over 1000 giveaways were handed out across the 3 weeks of the campaign, with education provided around their use and how they can contribute to water conservation in the home. 

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