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How To Reactivate Your Brand With A Dynamic Event Designer

May 2016

Brand Activation should not be viewed as merely as a tool to Get Your Product Out There. The ones that gain traction have been meticulously planned and designed, with no leaflet-handing dolly bird in sight. A good Event Designer can lure your potential customers into your product’s Brand Activation with just a little sprinkling of their creative ingenuity.

Worried your brand has gone a bit floppy? Lacklustre? Needs a quick shine up? Have no fear! ENGAGE can give you some tips on getting it back to its original, dynamic, pulsating beauty via the Common or Garden Brand Activation, steered expertly by an Event Designer , here to provide creative direction to your activation and reactivate your brand. Try saying that after three Espresso Martinis.

Beauty Isn’t Just Skin Deep

Not just an extremely pretty face, your Event Designer is the key to achieving cut-through with your Brand Activation in today’s hectic product marketplace.  Your ED can ensure your brand is brought to life through engaging (not floppy) activities that capture the hearts and minds of your audience. Gone are the days when you could just hand people leaflets or free samples. Your audience is discerning, slightly jaded, definitely cynical and ultimately needs to be entertained. Creativity needs to lie at the heart of every brand activation, to keep your brand firing on all cylinders in your customers’ minds.


Evolve Or Stagnate

Changing it up a bit – adding that extra special something – will mean you remain Top Bunny. Grabbing people’s attention is something your Event Designer will know how to do – with their eyes closed and their neurones firing to the right side of their cerebellum. Take the Lindt Bunny Maze that was staged at London’s Westfield a few years back. The ED worked tirelessly on this to create a fresh idea for a shopping centre activation. Full immersion in an experience is essential in getting your brand noticed – in terms of media traction as well as customer buy in, like the one ENGAGE themed around Alfred Hitchcock for BAFTA award winning artist Pat Gavin in Melbourne recently, click here for our case study. 


Hey Good Lookin’, What Ya Got Cookin’?

As the image above shows, cooking up (See what I did there?? On fire today. Or not.) clever activations that place potential customers unwittingly inside the activation, more akin to Guerrilla Marketing is well within your Event Designer’s realm.  Take Caribou Coffee’s bus shelter activation above. Bus shelters in Minneapolis were transformed into mini bake ovens, decked out with a sandwich display backdrop and a stove top. Riders were able to enjoy a heated bus-wait within each "oven" shelter. Ingenious! A great way to stay warm in the freezing winter commute too. As in Caribou Coffee’s case, your event team’s take on design and creation should allow for a fully immersive experience that speaks clearly to potential customers.

Diamonds Or Tin?

You can’t polish a pooh. Or so an English saying goes. Bear this in mind if you have a brand that is dirty (in a cool way) & Of The Street. Not saying it’s a bad brand, but rather that it doesn’t need some high end, chandelier & tuxedo affair to sell its wares. Au contraire… Your brand needs to be carefully considered with its activation style and space. If you happen to have a prestigious, expensive brand, then your activation must mirror that. Similarly, if it’s a street brand with realness threaded through it (that cool, dirty one), then you’d be wise to choose an activation where you reach your target market through an experience that speaks the essence of your brand.

The Low Down

No matter how logistically, creatively or technically complex, your events team http://www.engageatdisegno.com.au/services/event-planning/ should be well armed to design, develop and activate a plethora of activations on all scales, from small product giveaways, with a twist – as tic tac did on the slopes, see more here.

 to large scale activations  -as Sprite did on the pristine beaches of Brazil. Above all, your Event Designer should be able to reactivate your brand with passion & pizzazz. Use them & abuse them – that’s what they’re there for!

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