Brand Activation

More and more brands globally are embracing the undeniable power of Brand Activation to slice through the thousands of marketing messages and clutter. But what exactly is it and how are you able to reach brand domination through it?

Aside from being one of the best brand experience agencies out there, we here at ENGAGE can help you understand what Brand Activation is, as well as create a wonderfully successful campaign for your brand.

Brand Activation is the seamless execution of a range of activities, physically bringing brands to life, allowing your audience to ‘experience’ your brand, encouraging positive participation. For the product or brand to start gaining traction, it needs life to be given life and a personality. This action will in turn increase Brand and Product Awareness – sparking an emotional response in consumers’ minds, which in turn contributes to memorability and a positive mindset. Sounds too good to be true? It’s not. Read on.

If you can plan and execute a wonderfully unique campaign, then the value (your ‘return on Investment’ for those new to the game) can be significant. Not to mention the wonderful organic content a successful Brand Activation provides– perfect material for social media platforms and insight to product develop you normally must pay megabucks for. Your social team will also be winning, gaining real content and consumer engagement where and when it matters. This direct dialogue spoken between the brand and consumer is priceless. We can hear the R&D department cheering with delight, and as a marketing professional, you’ll know why direct dialogue with consumers is hard to achieve and priceless when found. 

These sorts of campaigns are all around us, everyday. Have you ever seen the lady in Coles handing out samples? That is Brand Activation – in its simplest and oldest form - in action. For us here at  ENGAGE that demonstrates the most basic form of brand activation and potentially one to stay away from. In fact, a badly planned/executed Brand Activation can do more harm than good to your brand, which is why we have created a rather nifty strategic process that fully researches the brand and scrutinises the requirements before executing anything. Our in-depth, step-by-step process looks at a range of insights to develop a winning campaign. We work through these steps with you to create the ultimate, and the most effective, brand activation platform to build lasting relationships with your target market.

That’s right, we don’t go out and shoot blind and hope for the best. Consider those people handing out samples at train stations all around the country. Samples end up on the ground, as half of the people being ‘marketed’ to are not your target market. Why would they want to o ENGAGE? You brand ends up trampled into the ground, and, unless you’re a new paving brand, we’re pretty sure that’s not where you want to see your brand end up.

Strategic, targeted, thoughtful brand activation is perfect to differentiate you from your competitors and position your product favourably in the minds of consumers. Not only do you need to create value during the campaign, but you also need to ENGAGE and educate your target consumers. Close your eyes and think of some memorable brands. Nike, Coke, Red Bull usually spring to mind. They have been directing their marketing dollars towards this sort of thing for some time now. They have seen first-hand how successful campaigns can combine insight and expertise to imprint the brand on the consumer’s psyche. Here at ENGAGE, we know the type and level of planning that is required, heling you to deliver engaging activities that allow your consumers to experience your brand from all 360-degrees.

ENGAGE can breathe life into your brand by generating an emotional connection between your offer and the consumer, through physical interaction, digital activity and integration with marketing, traditional media and PR. Well-developed activations will resonate with your consumers on a deeper, subconscious level, delivering tangible benefits to both the brand and the consumer.

Brand Activation can take many forms, and usually involve a combination of the following:

·       Experiential Marketing

·       Community Engagement

·       Digital Campaigns

·       Sampling

·       Pop Up Stores

·       Sponsorship Activation

We are very passionate about this sort of thing and have complete faith in how it can improve brand recall and increase Consumer Engagement. We can talk about it all day and all night, however we understand your time is important so we can break it down over a coffee. Give us a call and we’ll help activate your brand!

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