Creating Memorable Branding Experiences

Simply Energy Scream-A-Meter

A unique and fun brand activation that resulted in positive community engagement and increased database growth.

The Brief

Simply Energy partnered with the AFL in 2018 and their campaign message centred around ‘Powering up the AFL’. Simply Energy aimed to align their brand with passionate AFL supporters, and so the Scream-A-Meter came to life! What do footy fans love to do more than anything? Cheering for their team, of course. And what do we at ENGAGE love more than anything? The opportunity to do something that has never been done before, of course. We created a custom-built Scream-A-Meter booth that became an exciting attraction during the Toyota AFL Footy Festival. Enthusiastic and excited footy fans had a chance to measure their passion by seeing how loud they can cheer in the Scream-A-Meter.

The Execution

A legion of Simply Energy brand ambassadors and adorable mascots engaged the crowd as they wandered the 4-day footy festival at the MCG – encouraging fans to challenge themselves to show and share their passion for their team in the Scream-A-Meter. When fans entered the Scream-A-Meter they were given the feeling that they were stepping onto the field of the MCG, surrounded by the visual of a cheering crowd and grass beneath their feet, fans quickly felt it was their time to shine. With 5 seconds to record their very own video, fans were challenged to cheer, scream or yell as loud as they could, and the built-in decibel reader displayed how loud they were – the record was set at huge 127 decibels!

Footy fans then received a take home video, sent directly to their phone and ready to share with their online social community, family and friends. In addition to the on-site Scream-A-Meter that saw footy fans queueing for their chance to beat the record and claim their glorious victory (and a hilarious video to share), a selection of fans had their chance to prove their passion on the main stage. A portable Scream-A-Meter was created, and fans were selected to take part in the Scream-A-Meter competition live on stage! Broadcast live on the giant screens across the festival and supported by the adorable Simply Energy mascots, fans screamed their way to be the winner live on stage, with the loudest receiving 2 movie tickets.

The Result

Across 4 activation days we had over 950 excited groups record their screams, this equated to approximately 3500 footy fans. We collected 904 mobile numbers and email addresses, resulting in 944 videos being sent to participants. In addition, we had 205 shares across social platforms and 2489 views via the online sharing platform. The activation raised awareness of the Simply Energy brand and further solidified their relationship, support and partnership with the AFL and AFL fans.