Product Promotion with Maximum Impact

Engage went above and beyond form start to finish. Nothing was difficult for them and they always provided ideas and solutions for us that met our brief. It certainly paid to have an experienced and knowledgeable team working with us on this project. Couldn’t be happier!

Jack Newman
Director, Top Dog Entertainment

At the One Fine Day Wedding Expo there are many like minded brands trying to compete to win consumers business. How were we going to help Top Dog Entertainment cut through and connect in a saturated market all competing for the same business? With a head turning stand we ensured a product promotion with maximum impact, while a whole lot of confirmed bookings made the event a sure fire return on investment.


The brief was to generate brand awareness, design, plan and activate the Top Dog Entertainment site at the One Fine Day Wedding Expo. Research and develop a brand activation to successfully showcase Top Dog’s entertainment services and cement them as the go to entertainment option for weddings. 


With our event planning hat on we sat down with Top Dog Entertainment and went through all of their existing collateral and the ideas they had around collecting consumer data. After all what is the point of a brand activation if you are not collecting information. This information is key to finding out what consumers think of your brand and gives the brand an opportunity to tweak their marketing or offering to better suit the consumer demographic.

We discovered the existing collateral and some of the entertainment selections scheduled for the day were not on brand with the event. We were lucky that they guys at Top Dog trusted our expertise in product promotion and experiential marketing and were willing to make the changes to ensure we could execute the project to its full potential.

After all what’s the point of putting on your best bikini if you’re not going to make a splash. So we set about redesigning the Top Dog Entertainment collateral with the help of our sister agency Disegno. We had to ensure while the collateral suited the genre of the One Fine Day Wedding Expo we need it to also have longevity and showcase Top Dog Entertainment services in a more commercially viable manner so it could work across a variety of future experiential marketing campaigns. 

Next we put on our event designer hat and brainstormed some event design elements. We needed to create a stand that would not only make a bold statement and stand out amongst the crowd, but to also reflect the Top Dog Entertainment brand – and most importantly all within budget!

From our research of the previous One Fine Day Wedding Expo’s we could see a lot of the stands looked very similar. While we needed to appeal to the demographic we also needs to stamp the presence of the Top Dog Entertainment stand.

Using a strong base of black and white chevron print walls was a sure fire way to get the site noticed, who could miss such a bold statement. A selection of classic furniture pieces with a modern twist gave the stand a level of sophistication and reflects the level of expertise of the Top Dog Entertainment brand.

The Top Dog logo was made into a peachy pink application for an oversize Perspex sign installation. Strings of festoon lights hung from the custom built structure and glistened brightly to attract people to the site. Supersize floral and arrangements and greenery were the final touch to this successful brand activation. 


The Top Dog stand was delivered beyond brief – the best brand activation and product promotion exercise they have been involved in to date. We went above and beyond our clients’ expectations and Top Dog Entertainment received enormous interest from those who visited the One Fine Day Wedding Fair. So much so the team have already confirmed 20 bookings 2 weeks post are still working through countless enquiries. 

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