Grocon: Story-Telling Activation

We have a clear purpose at our company, that drives all of the work that we do, and that is to create enduring outcomes through collaboration. Engage understood who we are as a company – that we strive to create lasting outcomes and value that is shared, this was obvious in their seamless execution of our event.

Our event was multi-faceted, not only did we require the launch of a building, but we wanted to ensure the cultural and architectural significance of the building was highlighted and celebrated throughout the evening. Engage took our brief and created an event that had thoughtful and creative activation points that not only kept our guests entertained, but also provided them with a journey through multiple touch points – entertainment, food, beverage and even the lighting of the building façade!

Engage thought of everything, executed the event without fault and provided our guests with an experience that was far and above what we had hoped for. We look forward to continuing our collaboration with Engage on future projects.

Clare Szewczuk
National Stakeholder & Corporate Services Manager

Famous for some of Australia’s most iconic and horizon changing building constructions The Rialto, Eureka Tower, Crown Casino and the Emporium to name a few. Grocon has added yet another stand out building to Melbourne’s city skyline; Swanston Square Apartments, a building with a face and story to tell; the face of our indigenous heritage and a story of Melbourne’s history.


Grocon’s Swanston Square Apartments represent a building of national and international architectural significance. The Swanston Square Apartments’ façade is dedicated to William Barak (1824-1903), lovingly known as 'King William, last traditional ngurungaeta of the Yarra Yarra tribe', belonging to the Wurundjeri Willam clan. We were engaged to interpret the story and bring to life this amazing building through a experiential marketing campaign like no other. 


We make it our priority to be across all facets of an experiential marketing project, the event planning required in this type of project is critical to the success on many levels. The considerations around key messaging with regards to the history and cultural importance of the Swanston Square Apartments façade was a balancing act between a variety of stakeholders from the Wurundjeri clan through to Grocon and their partners. As an Event Designer TJ Carroll our director pulled out all the stops to create a variety of touch-points to reinforce the message and tell the story of this iconic building.

This was not your average experiential marketing campaign it was a progressive style brand activation with a spot of product promotion as the cherry on top for good measure. It was paramount to not only the significance of the Swanston Square Apartments and Grocon as a brand, but most importantly the building stands as a symbol of Australian shared identity, recognising the deep history of Melbourne’s Indigenous people, The Wurundjeri-Willam.

The vantage point (and the product promotion point I referred to earlier, two birds one stone!) from one of Grocon’s newly finished buildings, 150 Collins Street, formed the base of this experiential marketing campaign. Guests were taken on an excursion throughout the building, with each movement creating a part of the story of William Barak.

The brand experience was filled with many historical and cultural references. With performances by two Wurundjeri dance groups and Aunty Joy Wandin - Murphy’s Welcome to Country, the night had guests mesmerized.

The final installment was the unveiling of Swanston Square Apartments from afar where the portrait of William Barak on the façade of the building becomes clear. To ensure maximum brand experince we decided lighting the 30 story building was a must. 

As the evening progressed and the sun set, the building facade steadily lit up as a stand out addition to Melbourne’s cosmopolitan skyline. 


Through this brand activation we were able to achieve an array of priceless results. The most important result was acknowledgement of our indigenous heritage and the awareness it has brought to the Wurundjeri people past, present and future. 

Grocon was able to connect with current and future stakeholders, showcasing the innovative and ground breaking technology used to create this building, while staying true to their community value.

The return on investment for Grocon through using brand activation was insurmountable; the media coverage reached far and wide with publications in Amsterdam, Paris and London picking up the story, not to mention the coverage it has received here in Australia. It is pretty hard to put a value you on that however it would be in the hundreds of thousands.

We were honored to be a part of making history when Grocon engaged us to work with them on this amazing project - thank you!!

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