Grocon: Premium Building Launch

In a recent Brand Activation with Grocon and one of their latest projects 85 Spring Street, ENGAGE highlights all the touch points that were designed to match and reflect the brand’s image while under pinning the Grocon way.


Adding another land mark building and prestigious project to Grocon’s portfolio, they have continued to increase their reach across Australia with their large-scale buildings and projects. Grocon, partnering with Colliers International, needed to create hype and excitement within the industry. To gain chatter about the new, 5 Green Star luxury apartment building where the city meets the gardens in one of Melbourne’s most sort after locations Spring Street. No better way to do this than a brand activation, on this occasion the brand activation would come in the form of hosting an industry night for the the new display suite located on site at 85 Spring Street.

Grocon, well known for their other achievements, such as the Rialto Tower and Eureka Tower was not going to disappoint with 85 Spring Street, located at the Paris End of Collins Street. Designing and building a temporary display suite on the 14th level of the current building allowed guests to gain a glimpse of what apartments in the new 85 Spring Street look like and what kind of lifestyle it offers. This display suite offered the prefect location to hold the 85 Spring Street brand activation, and we were able to draw on all the amazing attributes of the area that has made Melbourne one of the most livable and lovable cities in the world.

Utilising a professional interior design company provided the perfect opportunity to showcase the beautiful apartments and how they may be styled to suit the needs of the customer. Hence Kerry Phelan Design Office collaborated and reflected the interiors of the apartment to the location of 85 Spring Street. They created luxurious, versatile and open space to emphasize high-end living at the top end of town, where the culinary, sporting and shopping scene all meet. 


Brand Activation is all about executing the campaign at the right place and the right time with the right target market present. Ensuring all the touch points during the brand activation are consistent is vital to how the message of the brand is communicated. 

Touch points are any encounters where the consumers and business interact, hence from the beginning to the end, all touch points and interactions need to communicate the same message, to reinforce and solidify the brand message into the consumer’s mind. 

We took all of these elements on board when researching and strategising the Brand Activation. To execute successful brand activation, it is imperative to keep clear and consistent messaging throughout the campaign. You may feel like it is repetitive however to ensure the consumer gets a concise message of who and what the brand is and stands for.

The Brand Activation needed to exemplify Grocon’s underpinning values while also creating awareness and building a brand profile for 85 Spring Street message. The following are some examples of the touch points that were covered as part of the brand activation;

Using the campaign assets created by Cromwell to ensure seamless transition between campaign and activation we developed the following touch points to tell the brand story;

  • Personalised invitations, nothing says you are more important then a personalised invitation to an event
  • 85 Spring Street custom signage at entrance
  • Discreet 85 Spring Street custom signage at entrance
  • Immaculately styled foyer with cloaking facilities, after all a prestige brand activation needs to set the tone from the outset
  • Brand ambassadors to greet guests, all ambassadors were thoroughly brief on the campaign to increase guest engagement
  • Branded name badges created for all attendees, encouraging networking
  • Beautifully presented collateral presented on custom designed plinths made from high end finishes
  • Slim line, state of the art audio visual equipment for presentations
  • Abundance of fresh flowers associated with high end living
  • Designer scented candles aiding in cementing 85 Spring Street in the evoke set
  • Embroidered 85 Spring Street aprons worn by catering staff to reinforce the brand 
  • Custom designed menu to highlight Melbourne’s famous foodie scene showing guests what they can expect on their doorstep if purchasing one of the stylish apartments
  • Locally sourced wines, ales and refreshments

Overall it is apparent that all touch points during a Brand Activation need to be aligned to ensure the same brand message is being communicated. In the case of Grocon, not only did they themselves construct a beautiful display apartment in the current building, K.P.D.O designed the beautiful interiors giving guests a glimpse of what will come in 2016. 


The result, genuine buzz and excitement around yet another amazing Grocon project, and most importantly a great return on investment.  The Brand Activation generated leads for the Colliers Intertnational sales team and created a whiole lot of organic material for social media platforms. The media prior, during and post the activation cemented the ROI even further. 

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