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One of a Kind: Market City’s Custom-Built Maze

April 2018

A dynamic Shopping Centre Activation to bring families to Centre multiple times over a sustained period. We brought together a team of builders, designers, and creators to make an entirely custom and sustainable maze for two distinct, interactive activations that attracted community interest and increased repeat visitation to Centre.

Market City was looking to further raise the profile of the Shopping Centre by offering unique and inspiring activations during key campaign periods. The client approached us with a range of ideas, a maze being one of those. We took the challenge to build a maze in Centre for a 5 week period during the school holiday and Easter period. Market City wanted the maze to be an investment leading to return visitors and generating online interactions.

We created a completely custom design maze that could have multiple applications and align with our commitment to sustainability. Collaborating with innovative Australian industrial artists and industry experts, we designed 1.5-metre-high maze with six interactive activation points including: giant custom-made naughts and crosses, chalkboard message wall, wacky mirrors, velcro styling wall, sensory touch points and custom photo wall. In addition to this ENGAGE designed branded kids activities and themed kid’s workshop area to compliment the maze aesthetic. This was a  Shopping Centre Activation like no other.

Starting as an Easter theme, the maze had a velcro styling wall decorated with felt eggs, larger than life Easter inflatables, and lots of themed activities throughout the Easter school holiday break. The maze then underwent a transformation with new signage and skins, new oversize inflatables and activations to emerge as the Wonderland maze.

The dual-use amortised costs and kept the maze a dynamic aspect of the centre for a longer period of time, capitalising on Community Engagement. Given our commitments to sustainability, the honeycomb board and multiple uses of the maze was important to us beyond just the aesthetic. The high honeycomb walls and activation points made it a truly immersive experience for children, an important aspect of Experiential Activation.

The activation filled the entire Centre Court space, with many surprise and delight elements - custom bunny floor decals to an oversize, recycled paper sculptured ivy installation hanging from the Centre ceiling. Designed and installed to be eye-catching from every level of the Shopping Centre.

Event Produced by AliveENGAGE in association with Alive Events Agency.

The maze had between 500 and 1300 visitors daily during its installation. The activation was visible across various social media channels throughout both iterations of the maze, providing the Centre with great visual content for over 5 week period. The length of dwell time increased on all weekends, school holidays, and public holidays throughout the activation.

Through our creativity and pool of connections, we were able to bring our clients' dream to life, a custom activation delivering objectives and creating lasting impressions. We are an Experiential Agency with a proven track record in creating successful Shopping Centre Activation through our passion to reach your audience in a completely unique and fresh way.

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