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Why Brand Activation is Imperative to Your Marketing Activity

September 2015

Research and development for creating a product can take up a lot of time and resources. Not only time, but also labour and supplies as well. Some R&D can take up to 40 years, especially if you are in the biotechnological industry, highlighting the amount of effort and assets invested into the product. It is then so important for marketing managers to ensure that when the product is ready to be brought to market, the product is activated. Many times, companies will just place the product onto the shelves of supermarkets without any activation in place. What. A. Waste.

So what is a Brand Activation?

A brand activation is seamless execution of a range of activities, digitally and physically, bringing brands to life and encouraging positive participation. The product needs life to be breathed into it, for it to start gaining traction with consumers. This will increase the  brand awareness and product awareness in consumers mind which in turns increases the company’s sales and bottom line.


Brand Awareness 

Brand awareness is so important for products and brands. When you think of chips, do you think of Red Rock Deli and Kettle? When you think of cosmetics brands, do you think of Maybelline and MAC? If you do, all of these brands are in your top heuristics, a subset of top brands in your head, which you will go to first. To successfully activate your product or brand means that the activities carried out will allow the consumers to interact and engage with the product and brand, to familiarize themselves with the product and brand leaving a lasting and positive memory. Experiencing the unique features of the product and engaging with informative and fun brand ambassadors will educate the consumers and perhaps exciting them, leaving them wanting more.



Differentiating their brand and creating a competitive edge can also be fashioned throughout the activation. When the consumers are interacting with the brand, not only can they have fun with the product, but they also can be told about all the features that make them different from others. If these features are valued and interest the consumers, this often leads to the customers sampling the product and purchasing. Hence this encourages customers to trial the product and increasing the brand in their personal heuristic set.


The brand therefore are able to cement their brand positioning and how they would like to perceived through their activation event. By carefully choosing a location for the activation and the different elements which composes the experiential event will therefore clearly communicate their brand message and perhaps core values. Brand activation therefore is an imperative aspect of marketing as it brings the product, which the brand has been working so hard and long on, to the customer. It is the best opportunity for brands to interact with their customers and influence their opinions and perceptions. 

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