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How to get the best out of your Brand Activation Team

October 2015

We live in a world in which we as a society are too busy to notice the constant beratement of marketing material. The key to getting your brand noticed on the ‘field’ is with engaging brand activation staff or as we like to call them ‘brand ambassadors’, who’s sole purpose is to capture your consumer’s attention.

Brand ambassadors are a reflection of the company and the product they are sampling.  Brand ambassadors must understand the company’s ethos and believe in the product – disengaged staff = disengaged customers.  The potential damage inflected by having the wrong staff can be hurt brand activation and be a waste of money – you only have one shot to get it right!

I’m a strong believer that brand activation must be engaging, friendly, intelligent, professional and well presented. Hiring the right team for brand activation campaign and sampling is vital as they are an extension the company and the face of the product.

Top tips to get the best out of your brand activation team and receive a return on investment.

Product knowledge

It’s an old saying that knowledge is power and giving your staff the right tools to sell your product will contribute to ROI. Having sound knowledge in the product your selling will strengthen the relationship between the consumer and the product. A friendly and eye-catching brand ambassador may get their attention but the lack of product knowledge could jeopardize the brand experience.

On brand ambassadors

Choose you brand ambassadors that have the natural ability to connect with your target market. so they are able to have authentic conversations with your consumers and leave a lasting memory in their minds. 

Sample the product

Give brand ambassadors reading material and samples prior to going live with the experiential marketing campaign. It is much easier to connect/form a relationship with a product once you’ve experienced it – that’s why field marketing works.


Brand ambassadors uniform are not only a finishing touch but are another way to tell the brand’s story. Keep all on brand and make sure they are well fitted. This can be everything from branded polo’s, caps, and sweatbands to aprons. Brand ambassadors that looks the part, feel the part.


I relate this back to a bad blind date. Is your brand ambassador a natural communicator? They must be engaging and make people feel comfortable; from the moment they have their attention, they forget about what they were doing and why they are there in the first place. It must never feel forced or awkward. Captivate!

Smile and sincerity - people hate the feeling of being forced into something; this makes me think of telemarketers and how I immediately switch off.  You’ll have much better response if a people feel trust and sincerity. Nothing says it better than a big smile, so ensure your staff are positive and engaging.

Personal presentation & body language - Uninviting body language and unkempt brand ambassadors can be a major turnoff.  They’ll be on their feet all day, make sure they wear comfortable shoes and keep good posture.  

Make the consumers feel important.  

Whens sampling, explain the benefits of the product, chat through the product background and how the concept evolved. People love a story and are more likely to remember the product because of this, tell me and I forget teach me and I remember. Let me taste and I will buy.

Put the product in their hands

Allow the customers to touch and feel the product. Allow them to interact and engage with the product to allow them to think about how they will be able to use the product in their daily lives. Also, tell customer where they can find it - aisle and other retailers.

Make a lasting impression

For example, when sampling food products, giving out recipes cards is a sure fine way to get your brand presence in the home of the consumer. A great idea is to make magnetic postcard size recipes for the fridge. The average person opens the fridge 15-20 times a day. 

So what are the last words? Having knowledgeable and authentic brand ambassadors present at your brand activation is one of the keys to cutting through all the marketing noise in the world, as they will be able to communicate and educate consumers about the brand and product, but also be able to position the brand in the consumers’ mind. 

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