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Equiem: Product Launch

May 2018

A bright and colourful example of on-site activation, the Equiem product launch in Melbourne’s industrial centre was designed to create awareness and build rapport. The brief was broad and we were eager to make the most of this exciting new product and relationship.

Create a community engagement event in a highly corporate environment that supports a relatively new product and promotes social interaction between client and audience. It must be immersive and grab attention. It must be social and provide escapism. The client also had two functional objectives; introduce their product to attendees and collect data. Above all, the brief was to create a space where people would stay and interact with the brand and each other. The real challenge, was the timeframe – just two weeks from first brief to execution.

Being a product launch agency, and experienced in all manner of pressure situations, we can’t and don’t get bogged-down in the negatives. We make ourselves aware of the challenges, and plan appropriately. We like to look at every client brief as an opportunity and that’s exactly what got from Equiem. Equiem – a property management group that not only manages the day-to-day operations of commercial building assets but also connects the asset community via a world-class intranet portal, social activation and relevant services. The location of this specific activation was in a technology park on the outskirts of Melbourne, where the Equiem product had just been launched and thus needed the help of a brand experience agency like ENGAGE to create awareness and interest.

Our immediate response was to create a hub of activity, full of all the fun attractions you dream of finding on your lunch break, but, sadly, rarely do. We saw food and music, bright theming, places to sit and interact, entertainment to interact with, things to photograph and things that simply make you smile. And designed in a manner that is open enough to be inviting but contains a check-in to allow the client the opportunity to engage with the audience upon arrival.

But lead-time is always a consideration for the event designer, and in this case, it was a major consideration because we had just two weeks to develop the idea, book all operators, plan the activation on site, promote it and staff it. First up, lucky we know lots of people in the food truck business and could sort catering in a matter of days. We have also had significant experience managing high impact events designed to create immediate engagement, so we could assist the client with communications and strategy, including eye-catching poster and flyer design. We also contributed to discussion on tactics to engage local retailers to ensure they were promoting the Equiem platform and supporting the event despite the competing food vendors on the day. And, as the project was an event activation in Melbourne, we could raid our giant warehouse of props, furniture and other crazy things and provide the client with low cost plinths, display units and a giant eye-catching inflatable bunny that could be seen for miles, becoming a beacon for the activation throughout the precinct.

Once attendees had registered for the event and enjoyed a short conversation with one of the Equiem team about the benefits of the new platform, they were free to wander ‘The Hub’, select from the range of global cuisines while listening to the live music, playing ping pong or watching the slammin’ break dancing demos. The experience was shared, fresh and up-beat – much like the Equiem product itself. ‘The Hub’ was designed to be a place where people dwelled and interacted, and judging by the people hanging back to soak up the last of those urban vibes well after their allotted lunch break – even for a Friday! – it was a successful outing for everyone. 

Equiem creates virtual communities, and they were completely satisfied that we had made a community at ‘The Hub’; one that will have an enduringly positive effect on their brand in the mind of their audience going forward. They signed-up two-thirds of their yearly target in one day, and food truck operators were happy with their takings. Colour and fun lifted the mood to the point that we were eagerly asked to confirm when the next iteration of ‘The Hub’ was coming to town. And all on a limited budget and with very limited time. Opportunities are everywhere – let us help you find the next one possibly hidden somewhere in your business. 

Check out this video to find out more: https://youtu.be/FrO7G-Ndzgs

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