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Product Promotion Services

“To P or not to P? That is the question.” We at Engage understand that marketing is all about the manipulation of the 4 P’s. Price, Place, Promotion and Product. Product Promotion is a necessary element in marketing, raising customer awareness of the product and brand, generating sales, creating brand loyalty and even – dare we say it - cult followings.

Product promotion?” you yawn. Yes, yes, ok, it can be a bit tedious, however in the ENGAGE world, we mutate it into ‘pizazz’ and ‘pow’ and ‘ping’; an exciting and thrilling brand ride for your customers. Our promotions are electrifying and distinctive as well as memorable.  You don’t have to be Shakespeare (or even Einstein) to understand that this (if done well) leads customers forming a relationship with the brand, leading to a higher chance of acquisition and purchase.

Using an ink quill rather than a biro comes naturally to us: The ENGAGE team works tirelessly to evolve new and extraordinary ways to showcase your product and get the most out of your Product Promotion.

We embrace all the same fizz that makes Coca Cola such amazing marketing pioneers, plus all the taurine that gives Red Bull their wings. We endeavour to not only meet your brief, but also exceed it, firing on all creative cylinders to carve out new and innovative ways to allow your brand image to fly through the sky, wings and ink quills unfurled. And who doesn’t love viewing a something from a new angle?

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