Product Launches

Launching a product or service into the market means creating awareness, educating consumers and building desirability. These things are a given and form the backbone of any launch or product development campaign. What these objectives can’t achieve is an authentic and trustworthy personality. A brands personality is its characteristics and attributes; much like someone you meet for the first time, an impression of who they are is developed in your mind as you learn about their personality.

A product launch activation developed by a product launch agency such as ENGAGE generates the personality of your brand in the mind of you audience, directly and on a personal level. By giving consumers the opportunity to interact with your product or service in an open environment, they are assessing the character of your brand, being persuaded by its positive attributes and creating a space for it in their lives. It is also providing them with the immersive, 360-degree experience that develops a stronger and more tangible relationship, and gives you the opportunity to observe this interaction and learn from it. 

We understand the value of integrating a product launch activation into your launch marketing campaign. We have the experience to work with you on finding which characteristics of your brand will resonate most strongly with your audience, and then design an activation that programs these attributes in the mind of your consumer. The product launches we work on are authentic, positive and memorable, and always contain a direct – measurable – link to your brand, product or service.  

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