Guerrilla Marketing Services

Ok, you like the idea of this Guerrilla Marketing thing. It conjures up camouflage, furry primates, strength, big guns (the bicep kind, of course). But what does it have to do with my brand, you wonder? Born from the dark, explosive, unpredictable elements of undercover warfare, it promotes brands and products in crazily unconventional ways. Ways that make you feel like you’ve been slapped round the face by a giant, furry primate’s paw. In a friendly way, you understand. Our world is so cluttered with brand noise, we need ever more abstract and innovative ways to wow consumers. This is your brand’s opportunity to STAND OUT.

So how does it work? Well, Guerrilla Marketing hijacks, piggybacks, feeds off other brand’s strategies. When you can spend half the amount of what standard advertising costs and get the same results, why wouldn’t you? It is the subversive cheeky monkey of Brand Activation, preying on competitor brands as leverage.

The idea is to get close to the line with your furry paw, but not step over it and cause Brand War through your unadulterated ambush. Usually activated in public areas and on the streets, running naked and beating its chest, Guerrilla Marketing is all about making a scene where there is high foot traffic and attracting as much of your target audience as possible.

Your gorilla can get up to all sorts of monkey business. The main marketing tricks under his fur are:

·       Ambushes

·       Viral

·       Ambient

·       Flash Mobs

·       Wild posting

·       Street

·       Roadshows

To perfect your gorilla’s naked chest-beating and make it work for your brand, rather than just being some throwaway gesture, the technique has to be right for your message. It needs high energy, imagination and creativity to capture the attention of your target audience and to forge an emotional connection with them. Instead of going in with all kalasknikovs blazing, you need proper guerrilla warfare strategy deployed: It is all about finding the right place, targeting the right people and executing it at the right time. Leave it to the furry, black pawed gorillas at ENGAGE to find your brand’s inner gorilla with our guerrilla marketing services

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