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Experiential Marketing

Listening to a friend tell a story about an amazing night out, which you weren’t invited to, always leaves you slightly detached from the experience, not matter how detailed the story was. You must be there to understand it completely, right? Same applies to your customers: they need to experience your brand to fully understand it and make their own connections with it. To be entirely immersed. To gain a 360-degree experience. Enter experiential marketing.

Here at ENGAGE we love designing ultra-immersive experiential marketing campaigns. Those experiences that not only engage consumers, but also urge them (through passion and immersion) to be involved with the development of the brand. We love it when customers are not only able to see the product, but also feel, taste, hear, and smell it too.

The ENGAGE team is brimming with creativity and energy. We thrive on producing unique experiences for audiences. We know that by using multiple elements – so that customers experience the brand with all their five senses – the experience is comparatively more deeply embedded in their memory than activations that stimulate limited sensation. Fully experiencing a brand also creates a sense of assurance for customers, allowing them to place the product or service in their everyday life. Experiential Marketing is all about fun and discovery, experiencing things fully, immersion, passion, enjoyment – but also about gaining trust and building a relationship with your customers. Speak to the ENGAGE team about how we can develop a concept to fully immerse your brand in the lives of your audience through Experiential Marketing.


“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I remember, involve me and I learn“ – Benjamin Franklin

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