Welcome to Hollywood, Mr Hitchcock - 360 Brand Activation

The Engage team worked tirelessly to ensure the concept, execution and production of Welcome to Hollywood Mr Hitchcock was a well-managed and hugely successful project. The experience and knowledge required to get these sorts of projects off the ground is imperative and something the Engage team has an abundance of.

Michele Levine
CEO Roy Morgan Research

With enough birds to fill an aviary, we took your average art exhibition and transform it into a Hitchcock-inspired 360 brand experience for BAFTA award winning artist Pat Gavin. Capturing the audiences’ attention with surprises at every turn, complete with psycho shower scene and take away shower drain meringues complete with raspberry coulis blood splatter.


We were approached by Roy Morgan CEO Michele Levine who has been heavily involved in the arts for many years to work on a project very close to her heart. The best kind of projects are those born out of passion and are most like to gain the best results. Michele wanted to bring BAFTA award winning artist Pat Gavin and his incredible works to Australia and show case them in her own private gallery. Ultimately a brand activation with the results to drive sales and generate awareness for Pat Gavin’s first collection on canvas ‘Welcome to Hollywood Mr Hitchcock’.


We were pretty lucky to have a have a client like Michele who appreciated all our wild and whacky ideas so the event planning process was one of the most exciting to date. Our idea was to create a 360 degree Hitchcock brand experience and invite key media and PR, art influencers, and Melbourne’s social set. After all, one of the key ingredients to a successful brand activation is to get a group of influences excited and let the social aspects do the rest. You have got get peoples attention for the get go, it drives me nuts when our clients think its OK to skimp on the invite or first engagement piece as it is integral to a successful brand activation or experiential marketing campaign. The brand experience started with an eye catching ‘must attend’ invite (an old school thick paper invite in a hand written envelope type invite, not one of these dime a dozen electronic invites) to an exclusive location. We also ran a PR campaign across a variety of platforms so the buzz prior to the brand activation was electric. The night finally arrived, what started as your run of the mill art exhibition quickly astounded guests; Grace Kelly look alike in the throws of despair some guests actually though she was a guest in distress. Our male guests showing chivalry is not dead by asking if our Grace Kelly damsel was in fact OK? The Hitchcock themed menu was without a doubt the most interesting and insane thing I had ever seen. We worked with BYT and pushed them to their limits and by gee did they really make an impact with the menu; lamb cigars served from cigar boxes, shower drain meringues complete with raspberry coulis blood splatter. There were boxes of dry ice to stick your hand into ad see what you pull out, and lets not for get how involved the staff were, see the below video for the full brand experience. Just when it could not get any more Hitchcock a secret passage was revealed, swarming with birds guests made there way through to a surreptitious cinema complete with Norman Bates vignette. Enter Tippi Hedren covered in birds to lead guests further through the brand experience and to an open air rooftop where films were projected onto surrounding buildings and the exhibition turned in to a brand experience like none other. 


Generated over 80k worth of PR and adverting for a fraction of the investment, with the biggest article written by Suzanne Carbone of the Age. Created brand awareness of the artist and his work here in Australia and generated sales of prints in excess of $100K – Michele was not going to part with the originals, they are still on display in her private gallery.  

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