City of Melbourne: Uncovering Hidden Gems

‘Visit the Land of Inbetween’ - A strategic City of Melbourne marketing campaign putting the spot light onto the hidden laneways and overseen treasures of Melbourne. ENGAGE were lucky enough to work with City of Melbourne to activate this campaign from strategy through to execution.


The marketing brief outlined how the City of Melbourne will work with local business over the next three years to increase visitation to the city, support retail and hospitality within the Central Business District. Our job was to translate the brief into an experiential marketing experience for key stakeholders, and to engage broader Melbourne and encourage them to visit the CBD.


Our strategy and key to success is to start with well researched event planning, team this with the clever ideas from our event designer and before you know it we are onto a winning experiential marketing campaign. We designed a range of touch points to establish long lasting connections with all who would come into contact with the experiential marketing campaign event Visit the Land of Inbetween. Each touch point integral to forming a long lasting impression and representative of a “Melbourne Moment”. Starting with the location, it would not have made sense to hold the event in a well known or standard venue so we set about finding one of Melbourne’s unknown gems a hidden space in the heart of the CBD. Now it’s not just a case of finding a hidden gem and taking over, there are a whole lot of legal and safety requirements, which are part of the event planning process. You think working with City of Melbourne would of helped, think again – the process was certainly more time consuming. I suppose if anyone has to set an example it is the people making the rules. We set about obtaining permits, licenses, insurances and working through the event and safety plans required to host the experiential marketing campaign. The location not being your standard venue meant we had to fit the space out with the entire infrastructure to operate the experiential marketing event. The event planning and event designer process is a very wide an varied discipline, most event companies only specialise in one area. The team at ENGAGE have the skill set to work across all disciplines which means we can work on the strategy right through to designing intricate installations. We produced a brief and managed the caterer to create a Melbourne centric menu reminiscent of iconic Melbourne dishes, after all Melbourne is built on its food reputation.  The dishes were served and displayed in fun and interactive way – check out the images below for the full experience. Other touch points included a Melbourne streetscape painted onto a blackboard with UV paint 3 meters high to 9 meters long, complete with ‘live’ Melbourne street artist. Mr and Mrs Windsor characters representative of old world Melbourne were invited to assist guests through the progress experiential marketing event.


The experiential marketing campaign created maximum impact, reaching not only inner city residence but connecting and encouraging those from the outer suburbs and further afar to come and experience these brilliant ‘Melbourne Moments’ the city has to offer. The ‘Visit the Land of Inbetween’ campaign hit the streets and screens of Melbourne throughout a range of advertising including print, outdoor, online and social media. 250 City of Melbourne key stakeholders including the deputy lord major and Councillor’s attended the experiential marketing event. The project generated a tonne of valuable material to leverage the campaign and create awareness, including content for social media and PR. Networking opportunities for stakeholders with key COM personal - priceless. The campaign is still running and has been hugely successful. 

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