Investec: NGV Partner Event

From concept to completion, everything about our event was amazing. The team were brilliant to work with and their knowledge and creativily was invaluable. Highly recommended.

Kristy Steel
Marketing & Communication Specialist

What do you do when a client comes to you and says they want to ‘wow’ 300 of their most valued clients? After some research into the company we found out they are sponsors of the National Gallery of Victoria – and guess what was on at the National gallery of Victoria at time they wanted to host this brand activation/brand awareness event? The world famous Monet’s Garden. There is nothing more the Engage team love more then creating endless synergies to cover a myriad of touch points in one brand activation. Not only were we going to ‘wow’ 300 guests and create business opportunities for our client, we were also going to help them get the most out of there National Gallery of Victoria sponsorship.


When the client came to us wanting to throw a ‘wow’ event for 300 of its clients, our first question to them was ‘why’ and ‘what do you want the outcome to be?’ After all anyone can throw a big event but how to do ensure the event is a success? Well that’s where we come in with our brand activation/ brand awareness hat on – after all that is why companies throw these types of events – to generate brand awareness, brand loyalty, develop relationships which all equals an increased bottom line. The problem is without the right event planning and strategy behind it, it will most likely be a great night that cost a lot of money without any kind of return on investment. So we set about creating a brand activation like no other.


We planned to get the most of the National Gallery of Victoria sponsorship as well as attracting potential clients and reengaging existing clients through a money can by experience – a pre showing of Monet’s Garden with the curator herself taking small private tours, all while enjoying an interactive and immersive 360 Monet’s Garden experience.

We set ourselves a huge feat of growing Monet’s Garden in The Great Hall whereby after guests had had their private viewing they could be immersed in a Monet’s experience like none other. With meticulous event planning the Engage team installed an entire creative concept in two hours, check out video and watch us grow.

The brand experience itself was designed to reflect all aspects of Monet’s Garden with a modern twist – which is where we also tied the clients own company culture and vision into the project. A private showing of the exhibition with the head curator prior to the opening was a major draw card. Our in house event designer weaved her magic and brought to life invites made from paper seeded with flowers reminiscent of Monet’s famous garden scenes. The engage team posses a range of talents, one of them having extensive food and catering knowledge so we were able to push the caterer to their limits of new creative realms; French food was served in a range of vessels from tin cans to paint tubes reflective of Monet’s studio. Wait staff dressed in white overalls with paint splatters, break-dancers and ballerina’s danced to Ravel and of course we can’t forget the garden… We grew Monet’s garden in two hours, complete with oversize flowers in the famous mauve palette we have all come to know Monet by.


Wow factor x 100, everyone involved was completely in awe of the project. This brand activation is still being talked about as one of the company’s success stories. Not only did it stamp their presence as a key sponsor of the NGV. Leveraging the sponsorship with the NGV enabled us to create touch points for new business and renew existing relationships, which in turn equaled to additional business and on going brand loyalty.

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