Engage at Disegno™

Our Partners

ENGAGE has created a wonderfully creative core team of highly talented individuals with a diverse range of skills and experience. So, we do our job really well. We know that. But sometimes we want to extend the magic that we conjure on a daily basis. To create the pyrotechnics & audible gasps. That’s when we call on our lovely, faithful, trusted partners to underpin our services, so we can offer an even more voluptuous, well rounded, fully immersive, 360 degree experience for our clients. We think you’ll like some of our partners. We do. Here are our favourites:

If you ask DISEGNO, they’ll tell you: “We’re not a brand consultancy, a packaging design studio or even a communications agency.”

Right, so what are you then? “We’re a creative business that doesn’t limit itself by what we can do, but rather what we can achieve.” Excellent! Just what we need!

The butter to our bread, the yin to our yang, ENGAGE and DISEGNO work together with many clients to deliver creative and insightful campaigns and activations. The DISEGNO team brings expertise in ad campaigns, TV commercials and brand design, so ENGAGE can shine in the event and activation territory. A match made in Brand Heaven.

Let’s just say (in the most humble of ways) that two of the greatest event minds in Australia, Ant Hampel of ALIVE and TJ Carroll of ENGAGE, have joined forces to offer something interstellar.

A formidable, sparkly and highly creative partnership, working with ALIVE offers scalability, best bang for clients’ bucks, and neon shooting star-style results through our collaboration.

This unique partnership offers clients a one stop shop, a powerhouse of creative thinking, technical production, event design and production, and project management methodology in order to deliver exceptional, well-executed and engaging results.

Founded on the belief that every event needs to be unique, and always underpinned by flawless execution, working with ALIVE means we deliver on every detail through meticulous team work.

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