Government Activations

Our experience with government ranges from public activations contracted by local government to high-end events catering for corporate and state government officials. Through this broad range of experiences, we have become familiar with the language and values that underpin government activation – areas such as sustainability, localisation, accountability and communications.

At ENGAGE we possess the skills to design a stakeholder event that meets a strict brief. We are then capable of presenting the ideas and providing the documentation that meets the key objectives and presents them in such a way that ‘re-presenting’ internally is easily facilitated. Our professional and detailed in-office production standards then allow the project to come to life in a planned method, providing our clients with transparent reporting throughout the life of the project. Execution is then seamless and carried out with a degree of professional expected in government circles. Post-campaign analysis records the link between all stages and outcomes of the project.   

Regardless of your government department, ENGAGE are very capable of delivering successful events and activations that provide you with the highest level of confidence. 

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