End-of-Year Functions

It’s a pleasure working with ENGAGE, and they give a new meaning to the

term ‘service with a smile’

Jennifer Robson
EA to Director - AECOM

ENGAGE has set a very high standard with their attention to detail,

extensive events options and willingness to assist with any needs I may have.

Nothing is ever too much trouble

Rose Zomer
Southern Region Operations Manager - AAMI

Just because it happens every year doesn’t mean your 2017 Christmas function must be ordinary or the same as every other end-of-year function. Keeping it fresh provides the ‘ohs & ahs’ your clients and team deserve and expect. Christmas is fast approaching though, so we look forward to hearing from you soon.

Pop-up Venue

So, what’s fresh for Christmas 2017?

A treasured and historic lush garden oasis in Melbourne's CBD will be the stage for ENGAGE's freshest 2017 concept, “The Royal Parks”. Set amongst the second oldest church in Melbourne, The Royal Parks takes inspiration from the best outdoor festivals, from chic British garden soirees and New York's vintage jazz parties to preppy European sporting events and historical fairground attractions.

Alternatively, immerse your guests in the ultimate luxury of “The Estate”. ENGAGE has also conjured up a stunning English stately home setting for another EOY programme. Bursting with verdant foliage, gilt gold mirrors and dusty, rusty chandeliers amid secret gardens and cool woods, this immersive event will take place in a hidden courtyard in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD.

ENGAGE takes pride in styling each event to perfection. The minute details matter to us. We work with a team of highly talented designers, and produce our own props in house to create a fully immersive journey into another realm for guests.

So what are you waiting for? Give us a call to book in some festive Yuletide fun.

But don’t let us blow our own brass section about our bespoke EOY packages, hear what others have to say about it: The Beauty of a Pop Up Venue

EOY Event Programme

We know company purse strings are tight these days, and getting ever tighter. So, here at ENGAGE, we have developed an EOY (End of Year) event programme that allows a selection of party-loving companies to join together and share the sunk costs of hosting a kick-arse Christmas event. For the cost of a Jelly & Ice Cream party. Cause for kissing under the mistletoe we think.

This ‘Cheap As Chips – Shiny As Diamonds’ magic happens like this:  ENGAGE hires an event space for three weeks during the (exorbitant) Christmas period. Each company is allocated a specific day for their EOY party. Because each company contributes to the setup costs, their combined input means that collectively they can enjoy an amazingly extravagant, all singing, all dancing, all sparkling, all Christmassy affair. MUCH more than if they were to each go it alone. Win win? Kerching? Ding ding! Ho ho ho.

Our EOY event programme has been beautifully created by our Event Designer and team. It means that even those companies with Scrooge-like Christmas budgets can host a fully rounded, Santa’s belly-sized event with all of the sparkly festive trimmings, without having to sell the family sleigh to finance it.

We’re quite proud of this little gem of an idea. Just imagine ... By sharing the costs with others, you will have a far more satisfying and immersive event. And what’s more, your diligent staff that have slaved away and toiled tirelessly (like the good little elves that they are), throughout the year, for your brand, will realise just how much you love them by putting on such a Bacchanalian affair. Clients too – will feel the luuuuurve.

We have already taken a host of companies down the rabbit hole with our EOY programme idea in 2015 with our Wonderland theme: Bursting with oversized pink flowers & tea pots, Mad Hatters, Eat Me cakes and many white rabbits, this theme worked wonders for some extremely happy clients.

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