Building Relationships Between Brands & Audiences

There’s no point putting on your best bikini if you’re not going to make a splash. As the experiential marketing arm of acclaimed brand agency, Disegno, ENGAGE brings campaigns to life with super-savvy brand activation events that put your products directly into the hands of consumers. So whether it’s pulling out all stops for an intergalactic launch, super organised event planning services or just keeping your market engaged with minty-fresh social initiatives, ENGAGE gives you the tools to create traction that’s tangible. Because without the traction, the lights and camera mean nothing.

That’s why we developed the ENGAGE Toolkit™, a specially engineered methodology that helps our clients achieve incredible results when it comes to brand activation events, experiential marketing, product promotion, event planning and guerrilla marketing. It’s like a Swiss army knife of awesomeness - where surgical strategy meets precision planning, underscored by the experience to put in the hard yards to roll it all out, while still looking fabulous. Yep, ENGAGE is the event designer that your event wants to hook up with.

And because it’s a top to tail service - covering each stage of what it means to bring a brand activation event to life; from first concepts, to final bump out - ENGAGE has got you covered.

As it's not always obvious though, we've broken down our various offerings so you can better understand what we do, and what’s going to best suit your project or campaign needs. So pull up a pew and get comfy.

Brand Activation Events

While we'd like to say, “it's not brand surgery” - in truth - it pretty much is. Which is why we slip on the latex gloves and make a thorough diagnosis, so as to assess your brand’s vital signs. From here we devise an action plan to breath life into your product and to get it up and dancing the Macarena. Because when your brand leaps off the page and becomes live, it gets people talking, snapping and sharing. And that is the stuff of marketing fairy-dust dreams. But to be clear, by brand activation events, we’re not talking about sad little ladies handing out limp little product samples in supermarkets. That often does more damage than good. We’re talking about sassy initiatives that are based in the kind of brand insights that lead to activations with cut-through. Cementing your brand as top-of-mind, while lifting the bottom-line. “Hey-Macarena!”

Experiential Marketing

Did you know that it’s impossible to lick your elbow? If you just gave it a go, then you’re not alone, as most people will give it a crack. As experiential marketing specialists though, we know how to trigger reactions that go far beyond just seeing an ad on TV. And because the most powerful lessons are most powerfully recalled when that learning involves all of the senses, experiential marketing can go where other forms of marketing can only dream of, via multi-sensory experiences that actively involve consumers in the most dynamic and engaging of ways. We focus on assisting customers to experience a brand through experiential marketing.

Product Promotion

If you’ve got a product, and your promotion only goes as far as advertising, then you’re operating in two dimensions. Our meticulous event planning will ensure we launch your products into the third and fourth dimensions, by allowing consumers to get up close and personal, so they can get on a first-name basis with their next must-have purchase. Armed with military grade know-how about the nuances of how product promotion fits into the experiential marketing mix, we’re perfectly placed to create innovative promotional programmes that don’t so much register as a faint blip on the radar, as compares to lighting up the night sky in a blaze of fire-workin’ glory.

Event Designer

Before we create the first spreadsheet, or move the first chair into place, we make sure that your event is telling a story that amplifies your brand or product in a targeted and inspired way. Because without the big idea, it’s all just meaningless mechanics served up with a giant dollop of 'missed opportunity'. And sadly there are too many event planners who excel at the nuts and bolts side of running events, but who lack the marketing pedigree to understand and act on the deeper brand imperatives that truly deliver the return-on-investment. Which is why we pride ourselves on being Melbourne’s premier boutique event designer. It’s a big claim. But hey, our events are the proof in the Christmas pudding. And the talk of the town too!

Event Planning Services

And once the best idea is in place and our clients are happy-dancing with contagious excitement, it’s only then that we don the hard-hats and high-viz vests, muscle-up and get the show on the road, launching the machine that turns those big ideas into the events that even the media love. Free PR much? But to get to that point requires scrupulous event planning which is where we really come into our own. With hundreds of events in the bag, across every imaginable context from tyrannosaurus-sized trade shows to bespoke, boutique launches. We provide event planning services and know how to sort the nitty from the gritty, and how to make it all so pretty (oh so pretty). On time, on budget, and on-trend.

Guerrilla Marketing

Guerrilla marketing is all about taking surprise audience your by (see - we did it just then). This is accomplished most often by turning the physical world on its head, whether it’s playing with the scale of things, or putting things into completely unexpected contexts. The value of this being that people are jolted out of the numb stupor that is caused by the avalanche of media messages that bombard us each and every day. Instead, they actually register the product, brand and message in a way that resonates deeply. When it's done right, this is the stuff of social media virality, which sees people whipping out their iPhones to capture and share the moment, together with the LOLs that were most likely caused by these most welcome of interruptions. Of course conventional thinking rarely bares unconventional fruit, which is where ENGAGE also steps up to the plate by routinely thinking outside of the dodecahedron. Through our Guerrilla marketing services, businesses will reach a large audience.

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